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Collection: Bric's Bellagio

Bric's Bellagio

The Bellagio collection from Bric’s combines the classic heritage of Bric’s luggage with the technology of modern day travel. The classic silhouettes are offered in sleek color options ensuring a refined and timeless collection. Please visit our Bric's buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

The Bric’s Bellagio collection features hard-side shell cases made with ultra-lightweight and durable polycarbonate. Each bag is trimmed with vegetable tanned Tuscan full grain leather and lined with satin nylon. This collection exclusively uses four-wheel spinning technology, giving the bags modern functionality.

This luxurious collection also features TSA approved locks, multi-stage pull-up handles, and a sturdy aluminum frame. The interior is organized into two zippered dividers to assist with your packing needs. The Bric’s Bellagio collection is a standout collection of modern function with timeless design.

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