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Bric's Buyer's Guide


Bric’s luggage has always conjured up images of vintage travel with its classic steamer trunk designs, leather-accented cases, and bags that find themselves right at home among the pages of Italian fashion magazines. As an Italian brand, Bric’s brings style and romance to their travelwear without sacrificing sensibility. It’s why you’ll see their luggage being carried by the likes of Jessica Alba and Amal Clooney. The three collections in the Bric’s line appeal to distinctly different types of travelers. In this Buyer’s Guide, we’ll take you through the three collections to find which bag best fits your travel style.

The X-Bag


price range: $72.90 - $285

For the budget traveler who prioritizes weight and value, the X-Bag will be the perfect entry-point to the Bric’s line. It is a sleek design that still comes with Bric’s signature leather accents. As the lightest collection with the most variety in bag offerings ( X-Bag features carry-ons, checked luggage, tote bags, folding duffels, and the ever-popular rolling duffel), you’ll find a lot to like.


The Capri


price range: $295 - $450

The Capri is Bric’s newest collection in their line-up. To sum up the Capri, you’ll find it a closer price point to the X-Bag while offering some of the important upgrades and aesthetic appeal of the Bellagio. A polycarbonate exterior makes this stronger than the X-Bag and a close cousin to the Bellagio in terms of style. It also means that you will always fit in the sizer at the airport due to the added structure of the hardshell. 


The Bellagio

Brics-Bellagio-Group price range: $436.90 - $650

The Bellagio is Bric’s most deluxe and well-known line. This is the bag that you will continually see jet-setting celebrities carrying. It’s for good reason. As one of the most fashion-conscious travel lines in the business, Bric’s has made this bag radiate style with its leather-accented vintage trunk exterior, which opens to reveal a diamond jacquard padded lining. It also features modern necessities for the frequent traveler like a TSA lock system and durable polycarbonate exterior. If you want a bag that will look just as fashionable as the outfit you’re wearing, the Bellagio is the collection for you.


Life Brics-Life price range: $190 - $1,695

The Life collection is Bric's premium soft-side collection whose success would go on to inspire the creation of the X-Bag, mentioned above. The Life collection is made in Italy with Italian leathers, coated canvas, and hardware. The distinct coated canvas look creates a rich soft-side exterior that provides a style quotient that your traditional nylon bag cannot match. Other bonuses to this collection are the smaller tote and briefcases that round out the collection as well as a featured leather luggage piece and duffel.


The Takeaway

While each Bric's bag is going to guarantee style and quality, this guide just goes to show how much detail and difference exists between these collections. Still need more information to pick your travel style? Check out our Bric's line here to see detailed feature breakdowns on each bag!