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Victorinox Swiss Army Luggage & Suitcases

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  • Victorinox - Lexicon Hardside - Frequent Flyer Carry-On

  • Victorinox - Lexicon Hardside - Wide Global Carry-On

    $409.90 - $460.00

  • Victorinox - Spectra 2.0 - Dual Access Extra Capacity U.S. Carry-On

    Regular Price: $585.00

    Now only: $349.99

  • Victorinox - Lexicon Hardside - Medium Packing Case

  • Victorinox - Lexicon Hardside - Large Packing Case

  • Victorinox - Lexicon Hardside - Extra-Large Packing Case


6 Item(s)

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Victorinox Luggage Logo

Victorinox Swiss Army Luggage is the most recent addition to the Swiss Army family but follows suit in a long history of quality and innovation. Please visit our Victorinox buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

Founded in Ibach, Switzerland by Karl Elsener in 1884, after Swiss Army had claimed worldwide fame for their precision and excellence in watches, army knives, and travel gear. In recent years, Victorinox has become just as famous for their luggage that is as militaristic, sharp, and well-designed as the Swiss Army knife. How does Victorinox establish itself as an invaluable partner for Kaehler Luggage? Their designs have been built on principles of strong craftsmanship, award-winning standards, and cutting-edge designs. Victorinox Swiss Army Luggage is a premium brand because of its tireless input and quality control, which has to lead to some of the most astounding luggage breakthroughs in recent times. One of the most recent designs that can be pointed to for its ingenuity is the Victorinox Spectra Collection. Its combination of hard side casing with front zipper access makes a perfect combination which is usually only afforded to nylon designs. Victorinox has continued to provide fantastic product features in many of their most recent lines that bring travelers some of the best, most original products on the market.

Victorinox Luggage offers a spectrum of luggage that differs everywhere from the lightweight nylon designs of their Werks collection to the pure polycarbonate Spectra hard side luggage. With a number of rich colors and the appeal of their streamlined modern approach, travelers continue to find themselves enamored with this brand. When it comes to strength, quality, and design, Victorinox delivers with the Swiss Army precision with which they have been so aptly named.