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Victorinox Buyer's Guide

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Victorinox luggage is as well-known for its travel bags as it is for creating the Swiss Army knife. Precise, fully functional, and useful for a range of travels, Victorinox is a line with a lot to offer. Every collection has unique highlights that you’ll quickly fall for. Yet, it’s important to know which one best fits your travel style. Take a look at our Buyer's Guide to understand the pros and cons of each collection to see which collection is for you.

Werks 5.0

TRG_Werks5_DualCaster_SS.eps   Werks 5.0  

If you like the assistance of the latest packing features, but in a classic and easy-to-use packing configuration, the Werks Traveler collection of bags will be a great fit for you. They have an expansion system, garment sleeve on most designs, and a helpful packing divider that can give you flat packing space, or be used on top to help compress clothing down with the tie-down strap. A smoothly woven ballistic exterior is both durable and good-looking. It’s intended more for leisurely travels, but the garment sleeve makes it transition nicely for the occasional business trip.

Spectra 2.0


Victorinox Spectra 2.0 The Spectra 2.0 is all about its modern appeal. A hard shell grooved case looks every inch the sleek bag a spy should carry. It also has one invaluable benefit going for it- a polycarbonate shell. It’s going to stand up to frequent travel and show less wear and tear than its counterparts. The carry-ons have dedicated laptop pocketing that you can slide out when not in use, and plenty of small storage pockets on its lid that you can reach into to grab items with ease. If you like simplified packing and would pass on a garment sleeve in favor of a cool, performance driven design, this is your bag.

The Takeaway

These three Victorinox luggage collections span every travel use from specifically feminine designs to tech savvy and packing oriented adventures. No matter what you choose, Victorinox continues to impress, and we're sure your bag will be no different!