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Travel Accessories Guide

While relaxation and travel do not often seem to go together, there are many accessories that can help make the journey a much more pleasant experience. This list covers the most essential packing accessories for a trip that can help with comfort, packing, and even getting through security faster. 


Portable Pillow

If you are a frequent business flyer, an international flyer undergoing a long distance flight, or you tend to use plane time relaxing and napping, a portable pillow is an item you should strongly consider for your travels. It is an accessory built to work off the structure of a plane’s vertically backed seat. A lot of designs can be folded, inflated, or adjusted to your liking, and combat neck pain while allowing for high quality sleep. Fleece and synthetic fiber pillow designs are easy to spot clean, or you can look into a neck pillow that has a removable fabric exterior that can be thrown in the wash after a flight. It’s a lightweight item that fits inside carry-ons for your stowing convenience.



Pack a personal blanket for your trip for a more clean and assuredly sanitary cover than the in-flight airline blankets. Portable blankets are frequently seen as a more appealing alternative option, and end up feeling like a welcomed indulgence when you are on a cramped plane in overly ventilated conditions.


Eye Mask

Passengers who wish to sleep on the plane may also wish to invest in a eye mask, as well as natural and overhead light while resting. Eye masks are a low-cost, convenient accessory that help people avoid jet-lag symptoms by preventing unwanted light.


Noise Reduction Headphones

Noise reduction headphones can be that one thing that tips the balance on those long duration or late night flights. Blocking the noise of surrounding passengers' movements and conversations can be important when trying to relax during the often hectic time of travel. Pack a pair of these if you feel you may be sensitive to surrounding noise during your travels.


Packing Containers

Pack your toiletries in a flexible container that can be packed in a tote or backpack instead of a Dopp kit. A relatively new development in the industry is packing aides. Companies such as Sea to Summit offer a variety of travel pouches, packing cells, and shirt folders that maximize the packing space in a small case.


Mobile Charger

Having access to your technical accessories is pivotal in being able to have a successful flight. With new TSA regulations having gone into effect that now prohibit you passing through security at many airports without a charged device, it has become even more crucial to have access to a charger. A mobile charger allows you to power up your devices when you don’t necessarily have access to an outlet, or time to pause and charge your device. It also makes a world of a difference during a plane ride if you need your phone charged to call a ride for pick-up, or if you just want access to entertainment and work through electronic accessories.

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