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How to Set the TUMI Lock

Setting Your Tumi Lock

Tumi provides a first class locking system that comes in two different styles: the built-in TSA lock that is featured on their hard-shell casing lines, and the external TSA lock that is more commonly seen throughout the rest of the collection. Here you will learn how to properly set your lock and troubleshoot lock issues if a problem occurs.

Setting the Tumi Vapor and Tegra Locks

Tumi Luggage Lock

Tumi Vapor and Tegra luggage lines feature an internal locking system found on the hard-shell casing. To properly set your lock, follow these steps:

  1. Start by ensuring each digit on the dial is positioned to the current code. If you have a new piece of luggage this is usually pre-set to 000.

  2. Make sure zipper pulls are secured into their respective places on the locking mechanism. This is important as later in the locking process they will indicate whether you have successfully set your lock.

  3. Find the small circular divot at the lower left hand corner of the lock and apply pressure with a ballpoint pen. Continue to hold it as you adjust each number on your 3-digit dial.

  4. When you have fully secured each number of your code, and you are confident each number is centered within the tumbler, you may release the pressure on the divot hole of the lock.

  5. Press down on the large release button that is located to the right of the Tumi logo. If the zippers jump out from the zipper pull you will know you have correctly set your lock.

Setting the Tumi Alpha 2, Alpha Bravo, Arrive, and Voyageur Locks

Tumi Luggage Lock

A removable, exterior lock is included with a number of Tumi’s cases. Though similar to Tumi’s internal locking system, there is a slightly different method to correctly setting your combination. Here we detail the steps to successfully setting your lock.

  1. Begin by ensuring the digits on the dial are set to the current code. This is usually pre-set to 000 on new pieces of luggage.
  2. Turn the lock so that you are looking at the word “Tumi” facing towards you. At the bottom edge there will be a small divot. Apply pressure to the divot with a ballpoint pen, continuing to hold it as you adjust each number on your three digit dial.
  3. (If you are struggling to apply pressure to the divot with the pen and change the numbers on the dial all at once, try and stand your pen upwards on a table surface and push the lock’s divot down onto the ballpoint pen, giving you two hands to hold and turn the tumbler)

  4. When you have fully secured each number of your code, and you are happy that each number is centered adequately, you should release the pressure on the pen.
  5. Press the large button found on the right of the Tumi logo. If the clip opens without issue, you have correctly set your lock.

Troubleshooting Your Tumi Lock

If you are having difficulties opening your Tumi lock, there are a few reasons as to why your it may not be working correctly. Here are four common issues that will help you troubleshoot your Tumi lock:

  1. You did not apply enough even pressure to the divot via your ballpoint pen when you were setting your lock. In this case, you must reset your lock, tracing back your combination one digit at a time to see if it was set or left at it’s pre-set number.
  2. You may have released your button before finishing your combination change. This means that you will have to reset your lock. Trace back your combination in the same way as above.
  3. You have forgotten the luggage combination, in which case you should call the Kaehler repair center to replace your lock.
  4. The final issue, although very uncommon, may be due to a defective lock. If you believe your lock to be defective then please send it to the Kaehler repair center where our authorized repair personnel will take a look. The 5 year warranty from Tumi is ideal if your lock is found to be defective.