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Packing Guide

Packing guide


While it may seem impossible to fit every travel amenity and piece of clothing into a backpack or small luggage piece when traveling for a week or more, adventurers will find that it simplifies the journey. Packing light is especially helpful for travelers who regularly change hotels or destinations. Here are a few tools that will allow for you to pack to the best of your abilities:



There are so many packing tools that will allow you to get away with more room. It’s true that when you compartmentalize with things like Sea to Summit's shirt folder, or packing cube you can squeeze more in. You'll get more into a tightened compartment space than when your clothing and accessories are sprawled out in your bag.


Take 2 Carry-On Bags

Bring a tote or a foldable duffel as your under-the-seat bag to make sure you are grabbing all the extra space your airline allows. Girls and guys can throw their wallet, purse, or passport case in a foldable duffel and take full advantage of those extra inches of free room to pack. This is also a great place for packing aids. Throw a shirt folder in with some extra shirts since you’ll have the room and want to maximize it.


Maximize Bag Dimensions

Know how big you can go: while you should always double check airline policy, you usually can count on 45 total inches on most domestic flights, which translates to a 22" x 14 x 9" bag.

Pack Neutral Colors

Make sure you're bringing neutral colors, or single-colored items that are easy to match. You’ll get far more wear out of it, and it will be more versatile when switching between outfit purposes.

Skip the Formalwear

Don’t waste the space packing an extra outfit that you only plan on wearing once. Instead, think about accessorizing on nights where you are going out to a fancier venue. For ladies, jewelry or a nice scarf can formalize any outfit. For guys, wear the same pair of pants and switch out your shirt for a button down to make a new outfit combination, or add a scarf rather than packing a dinner jacket.


Check the Weather

You will waste so much less space in packing if you are aware of the weather. Although weather is variable, you can save the room trading out that extra sweater for a tee, or a few tank tops in favor of sleeved shirts due to mild weather predictions. You will not only be packing more wearable clothing, but will be saving valuable carry-on space.


Schedule Your Outfits

This is another sure fire way not to over-pack. Think about your daily plans and schedule out your outfits accordingly. Challenge yourself to find one outfit that transitions between all your day's activities. Having a snapshot in mind of all your activities and the outfits you will need for them will also help you to not forget anything in your hurry to finish packing!


Wear Your Bulkiest Outfit on the Plane

Don’t dare take up that precious extra packing space when you can layer and wear your bulkiest items onto a plane. This may be one of the biggest space-savers for your trip when it comes time to pack.


Choose the Right Material

Go with wicking materials which can quick-dry if you want to give them a fast hand rinse. You can find T-shirts, undergarments, and shorts in these materials which make traveling light very easy.