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Duffel Bags vs. 4 Wheel Carry-Ons

  Choosing the right carry on for your trip can be tricky, especially if you plan on traveling carry on-only. In this post, we delve into two carry ons that couldn’t be more different: the duffel bag and the 4 wheeled carry on. See which one wins you over in terms of  its travel orientation.

The Duffel Bag

Who it’s for

Informal packers

The duffel is a must-have for the traveler who loves to grab their essentials and go. The duffel will allow you easy access to all your stored goods with its single compartment space. It’s the no-fuss solution for easygoing packers.

What trip it’s for

Road trips

Overnight trips

Rugged terrain

When it comes time for a trip, the duffel bag is a more versatile style than the wheeled carry on. You can throw it in your car trunk and hit the road one weekend, then use it the next weekend for a plane ride. Nowadays an 18” duffel is commonly found in many luggage lines and can fit under your plane seat. Stick to a style this size and you can skip the fight for overhead bin space on your next flight.

The 4 Wheeled Carry On

tumi carry on

Who it’s for

Formal packers and over-packers

4 wheeled carry on luggage is geared towards smart storage. Unlike the duffel’s free form space, this carry on style is all about the bells and whistles. You’ll find packing aids like garment suitors for formal wear, packing straps to keep clothing in place, and multiple pockets for smaller items. This style will also be much preferred for the traveler who likes to overpack. Considering the fact that a duffel is going to make you hold all the weight on your shoulders, you may want to give your arms and back a vacation too by using the wheeled carry on.

What trip it’s for

Urban cities

Business trips

Planned itinerary trips

When you choose the 4 wheeled carry on, you are guaranteed the ability to handle longer walks with its roller wheels. For urban getaways or vacations where you know your bag will be staying on sidewalks and in hotel hallways, this bag will be your go-to. Also, if your destination is business oriented or your trip itinerary includes a variety of events, the interior packing on a wheeled carry on will keep your clothing preserved; just think about garment sleeves, packing straps, multiple storage pockets and other helpful additions. All these will be commonplace in a 4 wheeled carry on and can help you stay organized.

The Final Word

Both these bags are capable travel styles that can work with you if chosen for the right trip and with the right person in mind. Now that you’re an informed traveler, don’t forget to check out Worldtraveler’s collection of duffel bags and 4 wheeled carry ons before your next trip!