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High-Quality Luggage Benefits

The Benefits of Purchasing High-Quality Luggage

When traveling, your luggage fulfills its function without much of a song and dance. In fact, once loaded into the hold, you probably don't give it much of a thought as you journey to your destination. However, the protection and security it offers you and your belongings are priceless and ensuring your luggage is of the highest quality affordable to you provides peace of mind and ensures you'll arrive with everything you left with.

While sticker shock is a common occurrence when purchasing new luggage, its worth remembering that having your personal belongings spill out onto the luggage carousel - or worse - can be inconvenient, embarrassing and potentially disastrous. Losing important documents or treasured items can also be expensive, and the effort required to replace them time-consuming. It's clear then, that choosing luggage based on looks alone is a mistake, with reliability and durability absolutely critical factors to consider.

When it comes to high-quality luggage, there are plenty of imitators out there that might look the part. These cases and bags are often attractive and appealing, with prices that are sure to catch the eye. However, inexpensive off-brand luggage almost always comes with multiple issues that only reveal themselves after a few trips. Here are just a few things that you should look out for either before or upon purchase:

  • substandard zippers
  • poorly designed wheels
  • cheap latches
  • materials that tear or show scratches immediately
  • handles that break or become unstable

Choosing Better Luggage

Generally, a more expensive, name-brand set of luggage will last much longer and be better equipped to endure the inevitable impact of travel and automated luggage handling. These extra, often hidden, qualities found within better-built cases are what keeps personal items safe and intact through multiple journeys over many years. Savvy travelers should search for bags with high-quality inline wheels, smooth and sturdy zippers, and high-density ballistic nylons and canvases.

Additionally, high-end luggage lines are usually finished to a higher standard, with materials that maintain their cosmetic appeal even after years of use. Polycarbonates and aluminum cases not only keep delicate items from damage while in transit but also look fantastic. Packing these cases often provides more protection too, since they employ advanced packing systems that allow you to keep delicate and breakable items in different compartments from your clothing. These subtle details are what makes higher quality cases stand out.

High Quality Luggage

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Comprehensive Luggage Warranties

Another major benefit to carrying quality luggage is the warranty that is provided with quality brands. Name-brand luggage sets, travel products, and leather goods from recognized companies such as Briggs & Riley, Tumi, and Victorinox offer warranties of one year or more on most products (read more on our Brand Warranty Guide) and have authorized service centers in many U.S. regions. This means it is quite probable that your luggage will accompany you on many trips over the course of many years.

In addition to any warranty offered, you will also find that higher quality cases are repairable. This is often not the case with cheap bags and cases, and any damage sustained on this type of luggage usually means the whole piece is ready for the scrap heap. Repairable cases, on the other hand, allow you to swap out some broken parts yourself. Alternatively, if a more complex repair is required, then the Kaehler repair center is on hand to help you out.

Pricing Your Luggage

Name brands will usually spread collections across a range of different price points, giving travelers the opportunity to choose the level of investment they would like to make in a quality piece of luggage. With this in mind, it is often better to sacrifice features and size when considering your purchase, rather than buy an inferior case or bag. You may even find that advanced panel compression packing, for example, allows you to squeeze in much more than you originally thought.

Whether going with the most luxurious bag in a line or not, you will find that name brands hold their luggage to a higher set of standards due to their warranty policies and reputability. When combined with the quality materials and features they employ to make their collections stand out, you will find that purchasing a higher quality piece of branded luggage is among the best investments you will ever make.