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Briggs & Riley Buyer's Guide

Briggs & Riley
Briggs & Riley has designed three fantastic collections featured currently at Kaehler. While these collections all come from the same brand, that may be where the similarities end. These are three distinct collections designed for different travel personalities. Check out our Buyer's Guide to see what Briggs & Riley bag will be the best fit for you.


Baseline Collection Price : $379 - $599 Baseline Stats  

The Baseline collection is for the frequent traveler, whether it be for business or pleasure. If you are clocking long hours on the road, this collection will have the most stability and durability. Kaehler's top-selling bag, the Domestic Carry-On Expandable Upright, comes from this collection, and it's at the top for good reason. You get flat packing with the external handle system, while the expansion and compression feature allows you to fill your bag and crank down the sides to still fit airline carry-on restrictions. It's what makes this bag, and this collection a standout.


Transcend Price: $318 - $449 Transcend Stats

The Transcend is the best Briggs & Riley bag for casual travelers. Transcend comes with many of the same features as the Baseline, but made with lighter weight materials. This is particularly useful in the larger checked bags since it will help you avoid overage fees. Like the Baseline, you get the benefit of a garment sleeve. While there is an expandable zipper, use it wisely and pack it full to brimming otherwise it becomes more difficult to balance. The Transcend comes in beautiful Forest Green and Crimson options that many will appreciate.


BRX Price: $145 - $360 BRX Stats  

The BRX has an interesting, fun, new design that just hit this year. Its a performance luggage for the adventure traveler. If you are taking on a hike, water activities, and other adventures this is your bag in the Briggs & Riley collection. Besides looking the part, this bag has all the accouterments for a low-key adventurer. Instead of an internal garment bag, this collection gets waterproof pocketing and a laundry pocket for clothing after traipsing through the trails all day. You'll appreciate the lightweight and versatile wear on these. Shoulder bag or backpack? Wheeled duffel or backpack? You get to decide between your carry style given the day, and what you have planned.

The Takeway

Briggs & Riley has always been a favorite among our shoppers, but never before have we seen three collections so equally competitive among their line. We hope this clarifies the many differences between these three spectacular lines!