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Alashan Cashmere - Draped Dress Topper

Alashan Cashmere - Draped Dress Topper

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Alashan Cashmere Draped Dress Topper : This plush cashmere wrap is the perfect additional layer to add on a cooler day. Whether paired with jeans or a dress, the fine material will allow you to be comfortable and fashionable, a fantastic combination!

This dress topper can be used as more than just a cozy cashmere cover up. It can be worn in a number of ways, making it a fantastic companion for your travels. Wear it as a V-neck off the shoulder fit or as a cowl neck shawl. You can also transform this item into the perfect scarf by wrapping it around your neck and threading one end through the opening of the neck. If you think the Alashan Cashmere Draped Dress Topper is useful just as a clothing item, think again. It also offers you the perfect in-flight blanket option, or can be folded for a neck pillow as well. You’ll never  have traveled in this much comfort.

The Alashan Cashmere Draped Dress Topper comes in a rainbow assortment of colors, which you'll be grateful for since you will want to collect a number of hues for your wardrobe. With a rich fabric and an infinite number of ways you can style it, there's no question you will  fall for the Dress Topper's versatile charm.


-Dress topper, draped bottom
-Pullover poncho style
-Longer length in back
-Cowl neck or off the shoulder fit
One size