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Aleon - 16″ Vertical Underseat Carry-On Saphire
Aleon - 16″ Vertical Underseat Carry-On Saphire
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Aleon - 16″ Vertical Underseat Carry-On Saphire

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16″ Vertical Aluminum Underseat Carry On Briefcase

This hard body case is made of Aluminum that’s exceptionally durable and lightweight — secured with riveted construction and double reinforced corners for extra strength. It’s a small carry-on that will fit under your seat and opens vertically so you can easily access your belongings while traveling. A telescoping handle ensures a superb fit for anyone and every situation. A TSA-approved key lock, will ensure your belongings stay safe and secure. High-density Double Quad Wheel System is silent and smooth and rotates effortlessly. Inside – this case is fitted with a seamless rubber seal to keep out moisture and grime. Aleon’s lining is made of coated polyester. It’s stain-resistant and water-repellant with nonabrasive fabric that it won’t harm your belongings.

Laptop Case, Tablets, and Phone Pockets

The removable organizer makes this a business case or an overnighter. The business divider includes; a phone pocket, padded tablet pocket, padded zippered pocket, and fits a laptop up to 13″. All Aleon cases are protected for 10 years. Aleon is proud to facilitate in-house production, responsible for all the manufactured elements of these high-end luggage pieces — excluding the TSA locks — we keep our cost down and give the savings back to you.

Determined to stop wrestling with luggage when you fly? Handled so many bags you feel exhausted before your trip begins? Convinced there’s a better way to travel with carry-on luggage? ALEON’s16″ under-seat carry-on is exactly what you have had in mind. You might need luggage because you do a lot of traveling. Either in the air or between your new home office and your old away-from-home office. Either way, you’ll want luggage that stands up to wear and tear, security screeners, and possibly your kids.


Experienced travelers and vacation travelers alike know the perils of dealing with carry-on luggage. Will there be enough room under the seat in front of me? That answer depends on which type of airplane on which you are flying. For example, a Boeing 737 won’t have the same sized seats as an Airbus a350. Another variable is WHICH seat is in front of you. The dreaded middle seat actually delivers the most under-seat room while the aisle seat usually has the least.

ALEON’s 16″ under-seat carry-on is designed to fit under any airline seat. And it is designed to last. This carry-on has both form and function. This Aleon 16″ luggage is made with lightweight, durable aluminum and is fitted with a one-piece, a seamless rubber seal to keep moisture and dirt away from your belongings. That means your luggage is weather-proof.

The aluminum exterior will also help block radio frequency identification (RFID), which is used to automatically identify, and track tags attached to objects. The corners are doubly reinforced, and it is secured with riveted construction. It has a telescoping handle and a TSA-approved key lock. This is a solid addition to your luggage options.

The ALEON is made to roll with you. It features a double quad wheel system that rolls and turns effortlessly. The remarkable design of the Aleon 16″ under-seat carry-on continues inside of the luggage.

A lot can go wrong with a zipper. Especially on a piece of luggage. On the Aleon 16″ carry-on, there is no zipper to open the case. You simply unlatch the TSA-approved lock and the Aleon opens, using two hinges on the bottom of the luggage. The case opens vertically, making it much easier to access while you are in-flight or in the airport. The lining is made with coated polyester, which is stain-resistant and non-abrasive. And the lining is waterproof in case something inside leaks.


The ALEON 16″ under-seat carry-on features an organizer that can turn this carry-on luggage into the perfect case for business. The removable organizer has a phone pocket, a padded pocket for a tablet, a padded zippered pocket, and enough room for a 13″ laptop. The durable aluminum shell will protect your electronics and any other breakables from just about anything you run into on the road.

The organizer can be easily removed to make your Aleon into a bag for one or two nights away.


The ALEON 16″ under-seat carry-on performs when you are home, as well. This luggage, with the organizer attachment, is the perfect case for trips between your home office and your work office. The Aleon is large enough to handle your electronics with room left over for files and other paperwork. The aluminum exterior offers plenty of protection for electronics and paperwork for your in-town trips. No worries, such as dropping a soft-sided briefcase or spilling your morning coffee while driving.

The TSA-approved lock means the entire case is secure, both at work and at home.


ALEON’s 16″ aluminum under-seat carry-on provides you with benefits beyond multiple uses. The TSA-approved lock is integrated into the luggage, making it as secure as possible. The aluminum exterior cannot be cut, cracked, or penetrated. This carry-on is tough. And it has a timeless design that will not go out of style.

All Aleon products are covered by a 10-year limited warranty. This warranty is possible because every manufactured element of every Aleon aluminum case is manufactured in-house. The only exception is the locks. The ALEON 16″ under-seat carry-on is available in four colors: platinum, sapphire, onyx, and ruby.

Weight: 7 lbs

Volume: 796 Cu In

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • One TSA Key Lock
  • High-density Double Quad Dual wheels
  • Interior Removable Business Organizer
  • Double-reinforced Aluminum Corners
  • Padded Zippered Compartments
  • Opens Vertically for Easy Access