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Kaehler 1920

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Kaehler 1920 is a maker of fine leather goods. All products are made in Chicago using leathers from our neighbors, the Horween Leather Company. Kaehler was founded in Evanston, IL in 1920 by locksmith Walter Gustav Kaehler.

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The Tannery
Horween Leather- Founded in Chicago in 1905, the tannery produces some of the finest leathers in the US. Their leathers are used for top shoe and accessory brands in addition to making all of the leather for NFL footballs. The tannery is in its 5th generation of management.

The Leather
Pull-up leather- Pull-up leather is the primary leather used for our wallets. The leather starts out with a rich and oily feel and quickly develops a polished and smooth finish with use. When pull-up leather is stretched, it produces a burst of color caused by the oils and waxes displacing in the leather. Horween is known for making the original pull up leather called Chromexcel ®.

Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan®- Cordovan is commonly known as a color, but it is also a type of leather made from a specific section of horsehide. The process of making shell cordovan takes six months and requires extensive hand finishing. The result is one of the most beautiful and polished leathers in the world. The Card and Cash is available in Cordovan, and the wallet proudly carries the official Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan stamp on the interior.

The Wallets
The wallets are produced using only leather and thread. These items have no backing or nylon liners which are often used to give product extra support. Kaehler worked extensively with Horween to find leathers that are firm enough to support the wallet yet have a rich and inviting hand.

All of the leathers are tanned and cut in the Horween tannery. The cut leather is then brought to a workshop in Chicago where master craftsman construct the final product. The end result is a product that will last for ages and become more beautiful as time goes on.

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