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Victorinox - VX Touring Expandable Large Duffel

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Victorinox - VX Touring Expandable Large Duffel

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Victorinox - VX Touring Large Duffel: 

Victorinox - VX Touring Large Wheeled Duffel: Here’s a bag that can do much more than sit in a hotel corner, forgotten. While many people probably think of luggage as taking the traditional “box-on-wheels” shape, there are many reasons to opt for a tall unstructured bag like the VX Touring Large Wheeled duffel instead.

The VX Touring Large Duffel is made of a lightweight polyester fabric that minimizes weight and thanks to its soft structure allows you to overstuff for long or complicated trips. A front flap opens the Large Duffel’s jaws extra-wide to make it easy to organize your items inside while packing. Grips are featured on the top, bottom, front and sides of the VX Touring large duffel for easy handling.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the VX Touring Large duffel is that its exterior is positively bursting with zippers, each with its dedicated function. Around the middle of the body is a zippered expansion that allows you to increase the capacity of the VX Touring Large Duffel even more. Tie-down straps on the inside and compression straps on the exterior hold your belongings in-place and minimize the expanded size of the VX Touring large Duffel no matter how much you stuff into it.

On the inside is a mesh compartment for storing personal care items & electronic accessories like cords. Around back is an extra-handy feature: two waterproof-lined wet bags. Splash around in the pool and then store your swimwear here without fear of soiling your clean clothes - or put your shoes & dirty clothing here.

This size is ideal for one-week trips or one person packing a moderate amount of apparel and gear.


  • Zippered expansion and adjustable exterior compression straps allow you to customize capacity
  • Interior zippered mesh storage pocket and horizontal compression straps
  • Removable attach-a-bag strap

Please visit our Victorinox buyer's guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Style # SWS601483
Vendor SKU 601483
Vendor Victorinox
Material VX fabric
Dimensions: 11.4 x 15.4 x 28.3 in
Warranty 5 years
Weight Displayed 6.9 lbs
Vendor Victorinox

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