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Travel Bags Guide


Best for lengthy trips where baggage must be checked

Bric's Luggage

This type of bag’s expansive interior allows for extra clothing and amenities for trips that either are for prolonged stays, or require more packing equipment for the nature of the trip i.e. going somewhere where you need clothing for both evening and day, traveling through Europe for three weeks with the intention of shopping, or if you tend to pack extra options for clothing and shoes. All these amongst other longer travels may require this large luggage size.


Medium 24"- 26" Wheeled Case

Best for extended stay trips

Rimowa Luggage

Durability is the prime criteria for this bag as it used most often and is required to be checked. This is the typical luggage size that comes to mind when thinking of a checked luggage piece. Neither too big, nor too small, it offers the ability to pack for a longer journey without being too cumbersome.


Expandable Wheeled Carry-On

Best for the short trip and business travel

Tumi Luggage

22" carry-on options allows the traveler to bypass lengthy baggage claim lines, which in turn prevents loss by the airlines, and delays when changing planes on a layover.  A 22" is the maximum size allowed by domestic, U.S., flights (international sizes tend to waiver around 20”-21"). Expandable options allow for you to enlarge your bag's width by 2" of space for your return flight if you end up buying items while away, and would liketo check your bag.


Hanging Travel Kit

Organize your personal care accessories.

Travel Kits

Organize your medication, shampoo, razors and shaving supplies, skincare, and makeup snugly in these handy travel kits, many of which can be unfolded and hung up for easy access while you're in the hotel room.


Garment Bag

Best for travelers carrying formal wear, shoes, and accessories

Baseline Garment Bag

The garment bag can be used in addition to a packing case and either can be carried on with a shoulder strap, or wheeled as a wardrobe stand-alone piece. In either case, the ability to keep clothes on hangers inside your luggage is an advantage to most travelers.


Large Rolling Duffel

Best for a casual trip

Gear Warrior

For a casual trip that requires packing sports/beach equipment or for a college student moving a significant amount of clothes at a time, a 30" to 34" duffel will offer the most packing capacity.


Best for frequent carry-on traveling

Tumi Halle Backpacj

Considered the most comfortable means to carry on personal items, a backpack can also be used for shopping, changes of clothes, or to hold items needed for a day trip. A backpack is also the safest way to travel with a laptop. Better backpacks will come with a protective (and sometimes removable) laptop sleeve.