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Men's Style Guide

The bags you carry are an extension of yourself: apart from your clothing, your bag is one of the first things other people will notice about you. More practically, you’ll also want travel bags that can carry your best outfits comfortably, and without damage or wrinkles. It never hurt any man to look dapper while he travelled.

At Kaehler our selection of men’s travel bags, men’s luggage and men’s carry-ons is curated for men who want only the best in both form & function. Brands like Tumi and Briggs & Riley make bags specifically designed for the needs of well-heeled traveling businessmen and stylish gentlemen. Brands like Knomo and Vocier offer innovative designs to meet the latest needs of modern men. We also carry a wide variety of men’s leather backpacks, duffels and even some luggage pieces for those looking for the bags that reach the pinnacle of masculine aesthetics and durability.


To help select the men’s travel bag that’ll become your favorite, we’ve assembled some of our best & most popular men’s bags & men’s luggage here. Read on for a sampling from each category.

Best Men's Backpacks

Backpacks aren't just for students these days. We carry a selection of ultra-premium backpacks that will stand out whether you’re on a flight, presenting in the boardroom or eating a business casual lunch. Men’s backpacks are the most comfortable way to carry a personal laptop, as traditional shoulder-strap briefcases can be overladen by the electronics modern businessmen need to carry. A men’s laptop backpack will be your best companion almost anywhere you got. Men’s leather backpacks will help you stand out even more.


-Most backpacks come with a protective laptop sleeve nowadays, but make sure the sleeve is large enough for your personal computer. Many men’s laptop backpacks can fit a 13”-14” laptop, the smallest common size.
-If you plan to pack a lot in your backpack, make sure to choose a backpack that will be comfortable to wear even when heavy. Alternatively, slim backpacks look nice, but make sure there’s enough space to fit everything you’ll need.

Best Men's Carry-On Luggage

Since many airlines don’t charge extra fees for carry-ons, wheeled carry-ons are a popular choice for short business trips and vacationers. Our international (under 22”) inch wheeled carry-ons will be accepted on most airlines for the overhead bin. Men’s carry-on luggage can either be from our top-shelf brands like Tumi, Rimowa, & Briggs & Riley in their masculine colors, or wheeled pieces styled explicitly for male travellers.


-Always make sure your carry-on meets the size restrictions of the airline you plan to fly with.
-Carry-ons with external pockets make it easier to access important items such as passports, charging cables, and keys so that you don’t have to expose your clothes in the airport while you travel.
-Two-wheel carry-ons have slightly more capacity, but never count a four-wheel carry-on out: they are more comfortable to use and tend to fit more airlines’ carry-on size requirements.


Best Men's Dopp Kits & Toiletry Kits

These bags are lifesavers. Small items can be hard to access and easy to lose while you travel, so keeping as many of them as possible in the same place is handy. Store your razor, shaving cream, toothbrush & toothpaste in a small travel kit so that everything stays organized on your trip. Plus it’s easy to put your men’s dopp kit or toiletry kit in a hotel bathroom for access to everything you need. They make a great companion to both men’s travel bags and luggage. Large brands like Tumi & Briggs & Riley make toiletry bags & travel kits that match larger men’s travel bags in their stylings.


-Leather travel kits make great gifts, especially if you stock them full of useful personal care items first.

Best Men's Weekender Bags & Duffels

‘Weekender”’ or ‘weekend bag’ aren’t necessarily the most common terms for these simple bags, which most of our vendors simply call duffels. But the name gives away their purpose: these bags or perfect for quick getaways where you don’t necessarily need wheeled luggage. Men’s weekend bags & men’s duffels are easy to pack & unpack, and easy to carry. They’re great for athletic equipment, shoes, changes of clothing & more. Plus, we have so many that there’s certainly a shape & size for every kind of man.


-These bags are known for the simplicity of their features, but materials can make a huge difference to how long a duffel or weekender will last and how long it’ll look good, with men’s leather weekender bags being the very best in the quality department.

Best Men's Luggage & Garment Bags

Most checked bags are made to be unisex in style, but manufacturers also make sure that large luggage is able to accommodate some of the unique needs of men such as luggage that’s equipped to carry suits & ties. Checked bags tend to be more purely practical than stylish men’s travel bags and men’s carry-ons, but our major brands like Tumi & Briggs & Riley offer collections of checked bags that match the aesthetics of their smaller men’s travel bags.


-The largest commonly-manufactured size is about 32” in height, but these aren’t accepted on every airline. 29” is more commonly used, and the different in internal volume isn’t as much as you’d first think. Why pay an oversize fee you can avoid?
-Polycarbonate checked bags take more of a beating than their carry-on cousins. Consider spending a little more on the aluminum or ballistic nylon versions.