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Victorinox Lexicon Vs. Briggs & Riley Baseline

Victorinox Lexicon Vs. Briggs & Riley Baseline : Carry-Off


Victorinox Lexicon and Briggs & Riley Baseline both released new series which hit the tarmac this year. With competitive design aesthetics, it’s time to take their two best-selling carry-on bags and go toe-to-toe in a carry-off. Let's see just how these two bags stack up.


Between the Lexicon 20” Dual Caster Global Carry-On and the Baseline International Carry-On Wide Body Spinner, the two designs' sizing will be nearly identical. Take note of one slight variation in format, though. The Lexicon has a half inch tapered expansion at the top of the bag. This expansion only works to broaden the top of the bag to the base’s 9” height. So while you aren’t actually gaining in space, you get the opportunity to decide if you want to slim it down when you are traveling lighter. This means a slimmer bag to handle, and less internal sprawl.


With the Briggs & Riley Baseline Carry-On you will gain minimal space by its smaller front wheels- we’re talking a half inch max, but as we know, every inch counts in packing. It’s always a good reminder that Briggs & Riley keeps their handlebar on the outside of the bag so that you can have flat, wrinkle-free packing. Plus, there’s the addition of a garment bag for your fancier clothing. If you’re a fan of internal pocketing, you’ll like the Victorinox Lexicon Carry-On because it will have two more pockets inside the bag for storage, and all the interior is fabricated in a velveteen lining to keep your clothing polished when you pull it out of the bag. Both bags feature tie down straps to maximize packing space.


Briggs & Riley Baseline wins this round coming in at just about a pound under the Victorinox Lexicon. The Briggs and Riley weighs in at 8.6 pounds compared to the Victorinox’s 9.2 pounds. Shorter front wheels, no expansion system, and a lighter frame have made the difference here.

The Takeaway

Owners of these bags’ previous incarnations will not be disappointed by this next generation. It’s time for an upgrade. We've given you the breakdown of all the factors that will matter most. Happy travels with whichever of these winners you've decided on.