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TUMI Tegra vs. Hartmann Innovaire

Tumi Tegra Lite vs. Hartmann Innovaire

UPDATE: Hartmann Innovaire is currently out of production. A new hard sided plycarbonate collection of luggage is on the market: 7R! Find the new collections from Hartmann Luggage on

The Tumi Tegra-Lite International Carry-On and the Hartmann Innovaire Global Carry-On are two hardshell bags that bundle together some very desirable design elements.

Naturally, each piece of luggage has its pros and cons, and our guide is here to help you navigate these feature packed cases so you can decide which best suits your needs. Let’s dig into the details of these two bags in our buyers guide.

Tumi Tegra Lite Hartmann Innovaire
Tumi tegra lite hartmann innovaire
Exterior Case Woven fabric, hard shell Streamlined compression panels
Focus on resistency: multiple layers and corner guards Focus on lightweight: super light
Maneuverability Dual 4-Wheel Design Sturdy Single Roller Wheel
Weight More substantial 8.3 lbs Featherlight 4.3 lbs
Packing Layered nylon interior, lid pocket with a hanger hook Mesh pocket
Lid pocket with a hanger hook, tie-down straps Elastic free-form tie-down straps
Collection Tumi Tegra Lite Max Hartmann Inonovaire
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Exterior Case

The exterior casing of hardshell luggage is among its most prominent features; after all, this is often the reason travelers purchase these kind of cases in the first place. Here then, we look at what each of our two pieces of luggage has to offer:

  • The Tumi Tegra-Lite New International Carry-On uses a woven fabric to create a beautiful hard shell exterior. Here, Tumi has multiplied the layers of hard shell on this case and added corner guards to making a more resistant exterior.
  • Similarly, the Hartmann Innovaire Global Carry-On Spinner also uses woven fabric to create an attractive casing. However, the Hartmann is all about reaching the lightest weight possible for a carry-on and simplicity is key.


Maneuverability is a key factor when traversing airports, bus terminals, and train stations. In fact, the handling of your luggage, while often an afterthought, can be the difference between a pleasurable journey and a difficult one. Here we look at how each of these cases handles the road:

  • Tumi’s wheel system is a dual 4-wheel design that works wonders when rolling through the terminal. This type of design helps to prevent dragging on a carpet and offers smooth turning when in motion.
  • Hartmann sticks with a sturdy single roller wheel on their design which, while simple, is extremely reliable and handles a variety of terrains with ease. Here, minimalism works very well.


In the same way that maneuverability can make your journey more pleasurable, so too can the weight of a case. As soon as you hit those first staircases you'll notice the added weight of any piece of luggage. We highlight the weight differences between our two test subjects below:

  • The Hartmann Innovaire comes in at a featherlight 4.3 lbs, employing the single roller system to help keep weight down. This makes it a supremely light hard case that still provides ample protection for your belongings.
  • The Tumi Tegra-Lite case weighs in at a much more substantial 8.3 lbs. The extra rigidity offers even more protection and, despite the increased weight, the four wheel design means it can easily be moved.


There are many different packing systems on the market today, and some are really very clever in the way they optimize the capacity of a piece of luggage. In terms of internal packing, these two designs diverge and make very different uses of the space available. Here, we look at how they compare:

  • The Hartmann Innovaire stays true to its minimalist nature, giving you a mesh pocket and elastic tie-down straps that are free-form to make storing a variety of items simple. These only add to the lightweight design of this piece of luggage, helping to keep weight to an absolute minimum.
  • The Tumi Tegra-Lite establishes a space for classic storage that may appeal to business travelers. They’ve layered their interior with an easy to clean nylon, and provide a lid pocket with a hanger hook so that you can hang a few outfits and keep them protected. Additionally, they have chosen tie-down straps for the bottom half of their interior storage.


So, to summarize, here we have the unbeatable featherlight Hartmann Innnovaire design, or the incomparably durable Tumi Tegra-Lite. Both offer fantastic levels of protection and plenty of organizational features that will help to keep your belongings safe and secure. It's up to you decide which is best suited to your travel plans, however, we believe both cases offer truly high quality design.

If you still cannot decide which to choose, then please feel free to contact the Kaehler team and we will be happy to offer any information you might require. Furthermore, if you have any questions about any other cases or brands, then one of our luggage experts is on hand to advise you.