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TUMI Alpha Bravo vs. Kaehler1920 Duffel

Tumi Alpha Bravo Grissom Vs. Kaehler 1920

In this special Father’s Day edition of our carry-off, we delve into the world of Tumi Alpha Bravo and Kaehler 1920. Each of these line’s duffels offers a very different style that still manage to over-deliver on durability and travel-driven features. Take a look at which one will end up at the top of your list after this carry-off.

Style Factor

These duffels are speaking to two different men who are after the same needs. The Kaehler 1920 Leather Duffel is a heritage style. This bag is all about the history that went into making it. In comparison, the Alpha Bravo Grissom is forward-thinking and innovative. However, both will suit someone who is a rugged traveler that needs a bag which will stand up to wear and tear, and both will suit a stylish traveler. Before either one of these duffels’ style factors start to win you over, let’s delve into the heart of the bag, the materials they are crafted from.


Combining the materials of ballistic nylon and Nappa leather, Tumi has created a completely contemporary design with the Tumi Alpha Bravo Grissom Travel Satchel. The weave of the nylon is thick, and a trademark for Tumi. It’s rough and tumble durability has led it to be used in making of bulletproof vests and other protective items. You can be assured this durability extends to the Grissom, while also adding a cool, militaristic flair to its exterior. The Kaehler 1920 Leather Duffel comes in three different leathers, all made in Chicago and crafted at the local Chicago tannery, Horween Leather. These leathers were built to age well, and look better and better with wear. If you like a style that builds character with the passage of time, Kaehler 1920 will be for you. While, if you like a bag that acts and looks like it can make it through combat, the Alpha Bravo Grissom is for you.


The Kaehler 1920 sticks to simplistic with its understated packing. It allows you the space to fit a ton, but lets you make the decisions on where everything will fit. A small interior pocket, and a u-line zipper that allows you to get a wide opening to your bag are the main functionally packing-friendly features it totes. The Grissom is all about the organization. A key leash, card slots, an interior wallet pocket, and other small spots to put your sundry items make for a more tailored packing space. If you like a space for everything the Grissom will win you over. If you prefer a style you can grab-and-go with, the Kaehler 1920 Duffel will be that wide open space you can count on.

The Takeaway

We may sound like a broken record, but both these bags are so different, it really is like comparing apples and oranges. What is really going to be the deciding factor here is travel style. If you like a timeless style with loads of character and classic duffel packing, go with the Kaehler 1920. If you’re asking your bag to compartmentalize your life, and are looking for something cutting edge, the Tumi Alpha Bravo Grissom is going to speak to your style preferences. With two worthy candidates, we can’t wait to see who has won you over.