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Lipault Vs. Bric's X-Bag

Lipault Vs. Bric's X-Bag

Lipault and Bric’s X-Bag are two lines that closely rival each other in terms of features and style. Their two carry-on designs are effortless travel bags that look fun, and are completely functional. If you’ve been trying decide which of these bags to carry and are curious on how they stack up, have no fear, we’re bringing you a carry-off  to help decide which of these bags will be better for you.

Color Palette

If color options are a deciding factor for you, these lines couldn't be more different. The Bric's X-Bag 4-Wheel Travel Trolley sticks to the classic colors of red, navy, olive, and black all complete with leather accents, while Lipault’s 22" 4-Wheeled Carry-On is monochromatic, but comes in a myriad of colors. Another handy piece of information for Lipault buyers is that they will continually release seasonal colors in their bag designs.


Lipault and Bric’s both give you a lot of movement in their models because of their 4-wheel designs. However, the battle does not end there. Other competing factors that help with maneuverability are the fact that Bric’s has given you a 3-height trolley handle as opposed to Lipault’s 2-height trolley handle. This means you’re going to have more opportunity to adjust to a height comfortable for your body when your bag is rolling along beside you. Offsetting this, Lipault has included more wheel protection with recessed wheels, and larger wheel guards running up the back end of the bag, allowing you to go over curb corners better.


When it comes to features, these bags are very similar in layout. Both the Lipault 4-Wheel Carry-On and the Bric’s 4-Wheel Travel Trolley offer you mirror internal packing features like tie-down straps, a lid pocket, and a side pocket for jewelry. The only difference would be that the Bric’s X-Bag offers you an extra outside ticket pocket sized to fit your boarding pass and extra documents. Other than that, these two designs keep things simple and even are tied when it comes to coordinating companion pieces. Each offer six carry-on bags sized to fit on top of your Lipault or Bric’s piece, and slide under your seat when you reach the airplane.

The Takeaway

We’ve given you the major differences between two engaging and beautiful carry-on designs. Whether you fall for the classic charm of the Bric’s or the playfulness of the Lipault, you’ll be glad that these two brands have given you such thoughtful designs that are sure to make packing and travel a breeze on your next getaway.