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Briggs & Riley Sympatico Vs. Tumi Vapor Lite


Briggs & Riley Sympatico and Tumi Vapor Lite are the two most recent hardside bags from two heavyweight brands that have dominated the field of luggage. When looking at these two carry-on bags in all their shiny-shelled, luxuriously designed and expertly accessorized glory, you are witnessing a match-up between two very worthy opponents. Find out just which one has the right combination to win you over in this carry-off.


Working from the ground up, we couldn’t ignore looking at a very important component in your carry-on: the wheels. Though we could talk about this all day, you should know that Tumi’s Vapor Lite Carry-On wheels are a narrower and smaller model. This allows them to be a bit more durable, and when given a push test against the Briggs & Riley Sympatico Carry-On are able to glide a bit farther. Alternately, the Sympatico's larger set of wheels are going to help cover terrain more easily on cobblestone streets or bumpy pavement. Neither will disappoint with their 8-wheeled doubled up design  to provide more protection and ease of mobility.


When looking at internal packing, you'll find each bag has features to tout. Tumi sticks to efficiency as the top of its priority list with a lid pocket, tie-down straps, and an accessory pouch. Briggs and Riley is all about features that will keep your finer items stored better. They offer a mesh compression panel that will wrinkle less than Tumi's tie-down straps, while the hanger hook system on their zipper lid pocket is a nice touch for business wear. Briggs & Riley has also chosen to pad the space against the handle bars on the inside of your bag so there is less room for wrinkling. This is a nice touch but leads to less room for your packed goods. So, if we had to sum it up, Tumi's will be more efficiently minded while Briggs hopes to woo with their packing amenities.


Coming in just a sliver under the Tumi on weight, you'll find the Briggs & Riley Sympatico weighs in at 6.7 lbs. while the Tumi Vapor-Lite weighs 7.2 lbs.

Added Accessories

 Tumi makes a comeback on surface accessories with the addition of a monogram patch on the front of their luggage that can be personalized to your wishes, Tumi's Tracer program code in the event that it is lost, and a leather luggage tag. Briggs and Riley doesn't disappoint either with the thoughtful add-a-bag strap inclusion, which allows you to attach a bag to the front of your carry-on for truly hands-free carry.

Who Will Win?

Your choice comes down to which brand's luggage features really win out in terms of importance to your travel style. Are you looking for a bag that is more lightweight or a bag that packs more? Are you looking for more deluxe packing or better mobility? With the Tumi  Vapor Lite Carry-On and the Briggs & Riley Sympatico Carry-On being this evenly matched, you'll be lucky to travel with either.