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Briggs & Riley Transcend vs. Victorinox Werks Traveler

Briggs & Riley Transcend Vs. Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0

Leading our midrange luggage collections, the Briggs & Riley Transcend and the Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 pack every feature a frequent traveler will need into a lightweight and durable form. What's more, they are as attractive and desirable as they are practical, so you never need to worry about looking shabby on your journey; wherever it may take you.

Here, we compare some of the features found within the two collections to give you a better idea of which line, case, and bag is best suited to your needs. Read on as we detail the advantages of each line so that you’re ready to make the right choice for your next large luggage purchase.

Briggs & Riley Transcend Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0
briggs&riley transcend victorinox werks traveler
Fabric Lightweight fabric with a diamond-woven pattern More thickly woven ballistic nylon
Available in 3 red/green color combinations Available in 3 earth-tone colors
Expandable design More coverage for small folded items
Weight Starts at 6 lbs Slightly heavier
Capacity Acceptable on most U.S. flights Acceptable on most U.S. flights
Packing Garment bag and hanger bracket Interior floating panel
Few more external pockets Single spacious compartment
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The fabric your luggage is manufactured from can make a big difference in both the appearance and the security of the case. Are you looking for bright and bold or understated and subtle? Here, we examine the high quality fabrics used in both lines:

  • The Transcend VX 2017 collection uses a lightweight fabric with a diamond-woven pattern. Available in three distinctive and striking red/green color combinations, this line looks fantastic whilst at the same time keeping your belongings safe and dry.
  • In comparison, the Werks Traveler 5.0 line employs a more thickly woven ballistic nylon that hides a hard shell bottom and boasts exterior corner guards. This makes it extra durable and capable of withstanding the rigors of frequent travel. This case is also offered in three earth-tone colors.


Airlines will always tell you to watch your the weight of your carry-on, but with these collections you won’t have much to worry about. However, it is always good to keep the weight of your case to a minimum when you are a frequent traveler, particularly on long trips. Here then, we look at how they measure up:

  • Both of these collections are lightweight for soft-sided pieces of luggage but the Werks Traveler 5.0 starts at a mere 6 lbs and is the lightest bag in both collections. This kind of weight is barely noticeable when traveling.
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  • The lightest Transcend however is only very slightly heavier, and in truth, you probably won't notice much of a difference between the two when hustling from place to place. Other bags in both ranges also compare favorably.


Both collections start with carry-on sizes that are acceptable on most U.S. flights. Check with your airline to learn whether the wide-body carry-on variants are accepted on specific planes and routes. Additionally, both collections feature a small expansion system to give you a bit more packing space when needed; particularly useful when bringing home gifts from a trip abroad.


These bags adopt different approaches to how travelers will pack their belongings. While it may seem like apples and oranges, both systems have pros and cons. Think carefully about which packing style works best for you, as packing makes a huge difference in user experience.

  • A notable internal feature of the Transcend is a garment bag and hanger bracket which help make sure your clothing is neat upon arrival. Additionally, the Briggs & Riley Transcend has a few more external pockets on the outside and also features exterior handlebars so you start with a flat packing space.
  • Each Werks Traveler suitcase includes a floating panel that can be used to fold and divide clothing. This allows you to keep heavier items, like shoes, out of the way at the bottom of the case. However, unlike the Transcend, you’ll be packing everything into a single spacious compartment.


Now that we've matched up the contenders, it's time for you to judge which collection and case suits your specific needs. While both the Briggs & Riley Transcend and the Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 lines have their own unique advantages, we're confident whichever of these two carry-ons you choose you will quickly take note of the superior manufacturing and design; wherever you are traveling.

However, if you are not quite ready to commit to a purchase or you simply want more information on individual cases or bags, then please contact a member of the Kaehler team who will be happy to offer you further guidance on which case is best for you.