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Briggs & Riley Baseline vs. TUMI Alpha 2

Luggage Comparison: Briggs & Riley Baseline vs. Tumi Alpha 2

The Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable Upright carry-on and the Tumi Alpha 2 International Expandable carry-on have two of the most striking designs in the travel industry when it comes to carry-on luggage. With a host of desirable features packed into great value cases, both brands have a claim to being the best. However, different types of traveler require different things from their bags, and a one-size-fits all approach is rarely good enough for the individual.

With this in mind, we compare the pros and cons of the two cases to help you decide which is better suited to your needs. So, whether you require new luggage for the annual family vacation, or you need a reliable companion for regular business trips, our guide is on hand to help you decide which to buy.

Briggs & Riley Baseline Tumi Alpha 2
Briggs and riley baseline carry-on Tumi Alpha 2
Size Too large for international flights Right size for international flights
Price Lower price Higher price
Durability Good price-quality Durable ballistic nylon
(protective measures) Guards on all four corners Corner guards
Rugged protection for the wheels No wheels outer guards
Collection Briggs & Riley Baseline Tumi Alpha 2
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The size of your luggage is always an important factor when considering your next purchase. However, raw capacity alone is usually not a sufficient indicator as to how much you can squeeze into your case. Here, we take a look at the size and dimensions of our two cases, but also the structure of the luggage and its suitability for national and international flights. This is how they compare:

  • The Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable Upright is 21" in height without counting the wheels and handle. The handle here is attached to the outside of the bag to allow more room inside for your belongings. However, this makes the Baseline too large to take on international flights.
  • The Tumi Alpha 2 International Expandable is 20” in height without counting the wheels and handle. This means that Tumi’s carry-on gains back an extra inch in packing space because its carry-on uses an internal handlebar system built into the structure of the bag. This means that you can fly internationally with this piece of luggage.


Price is sometimes a determining factor when it comes to purchasing new luggage. Both of these cases display the very highest quality at their price point, however, here is how they measure up against each other:

  • Tumi’s International Expandable comes in at a more expensive $595, however, this is still great value considering the premium features, materials, and build quality evident in this piece of luggage.
  • The Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable Upright totals $469 which is significantly less than the Tumi. However, quality is still assured with this desirable case.


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For both regular travelers and vacationers alike, durability is a valid concern. Discovering a broken zip or ripped casing is one thing while you are packing, but quite another when on the luggage carousel. Here then, we look at how these two cases stand up to a little rough and tumble:

  • The Alpha 2 carry-on is manufactured in Tumi's signature ballistic nylon, which has one of the densest quality weaves possible. Put simply, it’s about as durable as you can get. In addition to this, Tumi’s two corner guards provide added protection, however the wheels do not come with an outer guard.
  • Taking a look at the Briggs & Riley, however, you’ll find a powerhouse in terms of protective measures. It features guards on all four corners as well as rugged protection for the wheels. In terms of durability, these bags both come fully prepared to handle the terminal, but you may want to to think about which makes most sense with your travel style.


In our comparison, it is clear that both of these heavyweight cases are well matched. Built to withstand life on the road and with plenty of space for your belongings, both the Tumi Alpha 2 International Expandable and the Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable Upright offer plenty for travelers of all types. In the end then, it is up to you to decide which has the features that you require.

However, if you are still finding it difficult to choose between these two fantastic cases, then please feel free to contact the Kaehler team. Additionally, our staff will be happy to advise you on any of the cases and bags found on our website and help match them to your travel requirements.