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Bric's Bellagio Vs. Rimowa Limbo

Bric's Bellagio vs. Rimowa Limbo

Bric’s Bellagio and Rimowa Limbo are two collections that differ from the norm in the world of polycarbonate. Both these bags aim to bring a level of sophistication not seen in today’s hard shell casing. Watch as we go head-to-head with each of their carry-ons so you know which one to choose when it is all said and done.

Aesthetic Appeal

When it comes down to it, one of the biggest differences you’ll see between these two is in looks. The Rimowa Limbo 21" Cabin Multiwheel is all about a minimalist design, and this ends up being the beauty of the case. A cutting edge polycarbonate exterior, aluminum corners, and rich hues just add to the overall effect. On the other end of the spectrum lies the Bric’s Bellagio 21" Spinner Trunk. Bellagio shines in its luxurious details. Leather corner guards and accents, along with a sophisticated case, designed in Italy, make this bag a standout.


Weight is a key factor for any buyer, and between these two the Bric’s Bellagio squeaks by with the advantage of being a few pounds lighter. The Bellagio weighs in at 5.8 lbs while the Limbo weighs in at 8.6. Why the weight difference for a bag we’ve been characterizing as more streamlined? The answer is in our next section...


The Rimowa Limbo 21" Cabin Multiwheel uses six layers of polycarbonate in its casing and aluminum corner protection. Although this can make it slightly heavier in weight, this offers added protection compared to the the Bellagio 21” Spinner Trunk’s thinner polycarbonate which is making it more lightweight.


Rimowa sticks to a two-sided compression panel packing system. This means you can pack many folded items within its confines and then compress them down, giving you a chance to pack even more. The main advantage to Bric’s is that it uses a hanger bracket so you can pack clothing on a hanger, and folded into the confines of the bag. This makes it incredibly easy to unpack once at your destination. Other than that, equal amounts of pocket space ensure that this is a close race, really coming down to what items you prefer to carry.

The Takeaway

So what does this argument come down to? Whether you are inspired by innovative and streamlined looks or by a classic configuration with luxurious details. While both bags are beauties in their own right, we hope this bag breakdown has given you the key details to base your decision around.  Don't forget to check out the entire Bric's Bellagio and Rimowa Limbo collection to make it a full set!