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Bric's Bellagio vs. Rimowa Limbo

Bric’s Bellagio and Rimowa Limbo are two collections that differ from the norm in the world of polycarbonate, bringing a level of sophistication not often seen in today’s hard shell casing. Additionally, their versatility ensures that they are great options for business travelers and vacationers alike.

Here, we pit these carry-ons in a head-to-head battle, comparing the most important features of each case. All you need to do is decide exactly which bag suits your needs best. Read on and learn more about both collections.

Rimowa Limbo Bric's Bellagio
rimowa limbo brics bellagio
Aesthetics Minimalist and cutting edge Luxurious, design made in Italy
Polycarbonate exterior, aluminum corners, and rich colors Leather corner guards and accents, sophisticated case
Weight Sturdy 8.6 pounds Nimble 5.8 lbs
Durability Polycarbonate case and rugged aluminum corner protection High quality construction, but thinner polycarbonate
Packing Two-sided compression panel packing system Hanger bracket system
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The design and aesthetics of a piece of premium luggage are always important; particularly when you are traveling for business an you need to make a good first impression. With these cases from Rimowa and Bric, the biggest differences you’ll see between them is in how they look. Here's how they compare:

  • The Rimowa Limbo 21" Cabin Multiwheel is all about a minimalist design, and this is the essence of what makes it such a beautiful case. A cutting edge polycarbonate exterior, aluminum corners, and rich colors go even further and enhance the overall effect.
  • At the other end of the spectrum lies Bric’s Bellagio 21" Spinner Trunk. Bellagio shines in its luxurious details. Leather corner guards and subtle accents, along with a sophisticated case designed in Italy, help to make this bag really stand out from the crowd.


Weight is always a key factor for any buyer, and travelers who regularly wheel luggage through airports, train stations, or bus terminals will know that lighter is usually better. Take a look at how the two weigh in:

  • The Bric’s Bellagio is the lighter of the cases, weighing a nimble 5.8 lbs. This is particularly light for a polycarbonate case and your arms will certainly thank you for the difference on long journeys.
  • The Rimowa Limbo weighs in at a sturdy 8.6 pounds, and while we have previously characterized this bag as more streamlined, the added weight offers its own advantages as we will discover in the next section.


Durability and build-quality are features that many travelers expect as standard. Luggage and bags need to be able to withstand plenty of abuse, to ensure they can keep your belongings safe when on the road. Here then, we look at how the cases stand-up to comparison:

  • The Rimowa Limbo 21" Cabin Multiwheel uses six layers of polycarbonate in its casing alongside some rugged aluminum corner protection. Although this makes the bag heavier, as noted above, the increased protection offered helps this case really go the distance
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  • The lighter Bellagio 21” Spinner Trunk’s thinner polycarbonate provides some protection, however, the high quality construction also plays a part in the durability of this case. Sadly though, this can't compete with the heavy-duty protection offered by the Limbo.
  • Packing

    When it comes down to it, packing your case for your next trip can be both a pleasure and a chore. Depending on how a case is laid out, and the types of organizational features it employs, often dictates how you pack your things. We look at what both cases have to offer:

    • Rimowa sticks to a two-sided compression panel packing system. This means you can pack many folded items within the space provided and then compress them down. This gives you the opportunity to pack more into smaller spaces.
    • The main advantage to Bric’s system is that it uses a hanger bracket. This allows you to pack clothing on a hanger, and then fold it into the confines of the bag. This makes it incredibly easy to unpack once at your destination. Other than that, equal amounts of pocket space ensure that this is a close race, really coming down to what kind of items you generally carry.


    Whether you are inspired by innovative and streamlined looks or by classical configurations with luxurious details, you'll find something within these collections to suit you. While both bags are practical and desirable in their own right, we hope this bag breakdown has given you the key details to base your decision on.

    Don't forget to check out the entire Bric's  Bellagio and Rimowa  Limbo collection to make it a full set. Alternatively, if you want to discuss your specific requirements with a member of staff, then contact the Kaehler team who will be happy to advise you on your purchase.