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Luggage Comparison

Luggage Comparison

Our customers are always asking us to compare our stock, whether it be hard-side versus soft-sided, or wheels versus duffles, backpacks vs briefcases and so on, there’s always a long list of advantages and trade-offs to your choice of luggage. Anyway, you can be sure that Kaehler Luggage always selects a vendor or collection for a good reason. We want to supply you with luggage that matches the kind of trips you take. In this section, you will read articles that pit one collection against another. There’s never a right or wrong answer - it’s all about learning what type of luggage matches your needs and/or a specific trip.

Customers often ask us how to choose between leading brands Tumi and Rimowa - we can help you decide as well as help you consider the less-known but equally viable choices from other reliable brands:

  • Briggs & Riley Baseline vs. Tumi Alpha 2: Distinguish between the two best ballistic nylon collections on the market. Read more
  • Tumi Tegra-Lite Max vs. Rimowa Salsa Deluxe: Compare the relative benefits of two of the stars of our hard-side luggage lineup. Read more
  • Victorinox Lexicon vs. Briggs & Riley Baseline:. Read more
  • Lipault Carry-On vs. Bric's X-Bag:. Read more
  • Briggs & Riley Transcend vs. Victorinox Werks Traveler:. Read more
  • Tumi Tegra vs. Hartmann Innovaire:. Read more
  • Bric's Bellagio vs. Rimowa Limbo:. Read more
  • Briggs & Riley Sympatico vs. Tumi Vapor:. Read more
  • Briggs & Riley Sympatico vs. Victorinox Spectra:. Read more

We constantly update this section to help you keep up with the latest innovations in luggage that you can find in our stores.