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Tumi Buyer's Guide

Tumi Luggage Lines Review

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The comprehensive collection of features and high quality materials found within the Tumi luggage lines are ideal for the traveler looking for a bag that is not just reliable, but at the cutting edge of luggage design. Tumi's bags always manage to balance classic looks with the latest features to ensure convenient travel remains glamorous and good looking. However, this also makes it rather hard to choose which Tumi case or collection is best suited to your specific needs. Take a look at this conprehensive review to see the benefits of each Tumi collection and decide for yourself.

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Review of the main Tumi Collections

Tumi Vapor 3

Tumi Tegra Lite Max

Tumi Alpha 2

Tumi Vapor 3 Collection Review

Tumi Vapor Collection


  • Lightest collection
  • Efficient packing with 3 zip pockets and compression straps
  • Offers both the handle and the wheels found within the premium collections, but at a lower price point


  • Less layers in the exterior frame than the Alpha 2 and the Tegra Lite
  • No garment sleeve for formal clothing
  • Does not include add-a-bag feature

Price range: $525 - 625

The Tumi V3 collection keeps things streamlined, well packed and well protected wherever it is taken. However, it is the lightest of all the collections because of its polypropylene framing system. Don't be fooled by the lightweight construction though, as there are layers of protection concealed beneath the outer shell. If you are going for the lightest bag and don't require any packing facilities for your formal wear, this bag should be at the top of your list. Choose from a range of attractive colors, all at Tumi's most affordable price point!

Tumi Tegra Lite Max Collection Review

Tumi tegra-Lite


  • Durafold corner protection
  • Tie-down straps and hook garment section for formal clothes
  • Includes the same handle and wheels from the premium collections but at lower cost
  • Woven Tegris fabric offers more protection than the Tumi Vapor


  • Does not feature full garment sleeve as seen in the Alpha 2
  • Front pocket only featured on some items within the collection
  • No add-a-bag option
  • Price Range: $595 - $995

    The Tumi Tegra Lite Max collection stands out thanks to its beautifully woven hardshell frame. The level of protection offered by these cases falls somewhere between the Alpha 2 and the V3, balancing durability and lightweight maneuverability. There is a separate zippered compartment with a hanger hook to store formal wear. This helps to keep the overall weight of these cases down by getting rid of any additional garment sleeve. Unlike most rigid suitcases, the Tegra Lite Max comes with a front pocket for easy accessibility and a zippered expansion for additional capacity when returning with more than you left with.

    Tumi Alpha 2 Collection Review

    Tumi Alpha 2


    • Comprehensive packing support features including garment sleeve, compression straps, interior and exterior pockets
    • Durafold protection for corners
    • Most durable and hardwearing collection from Tumi (frame and fabric exterior)
    • Largest range of bag styles


  • Premium features make for added weight
  • Smallest range of colors (only a few models are available outside of black)
  • Price Range: $625 - $1,175

    The Tumi Alpha 2 line is truly top of the pile within the range of collections from Tumi, and it features a fully framed exterior that adds an extra layer of fabric protection. Additionally, you will benefit from front zip pockets and Tumi's add-a-bag feature that allows you to hook your personal bag or carry-on onto the front of your luggage piece, freeing up your arms. A full garment sleeve is offered on everything from carry-ons to checked luggage, making it ideal for business travel as well as casual getaways.


    Tumi's enduring quality and smart features weave a consistent thread between these collections, which means you really can't go wrong whichever of their lines you choose. However, there is a clear balance between durability and maneuverability which may help you make a decision depending on how often and how far you travel. Additionally, optional extras, such as the add-a-bag feature and separate compartments for formal wear may help sway business users.

    Whichever features you need for your specific requirements, we hope our guide has made your choice easier. However, if you need any further information on Tumi products, or any other pieces of luggage found on our website, then please feel free to contact the Kaehler team and one of our luggage experts will be happy to advise you further.