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Rimowa Buyer's Guide

Rimowa Luggage Review

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Rimowa has made a name for itself based on its iconic hardshell casing that contributes to the construction of some of the lightest luggage in the industry. This is, without a doubt, one of our most exciting brands. However, between the eight Rimowa collections Kaehler carries, it can be challenging to decide on the perfect bag for your specific needs. To help you in your selection process, our buyer’s guide strips down each Rimowa line to the bare essentials and must-know facts to make your decision easier.

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Main Rimowa collections

More about Rimowa

Rimowa Salsa Air Luggage Review



  • Lightest line in the entire Rimowa collection
  • Internal, free-form mesh pocket for packing
  • Bright, vibrant exterior casing that is easy to spot on the luggage carousel
  • Economized features designed to keep weight down


  • Challenging to balance travel items and small bags on the mono-telescopic handle system
  • Handle locks at three stages but doesn't customize to your height like other Rimowa lines
  • No add-a-bag strap

Price range: $475 - $550

Similar to Rimowa Salsa Air: BRIC'S Capri

bric's capri

  • The look of Bellagio without the price tag
  • Tie-down straps for increased interior capacity
  • Built-in TSA approved locks
  • Upgraded dual-wheel spinner system
  • Stylish leather accents

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Price Range: $235 - $475

The Salsa Air will be a favorite among travelers looking for the most lightweight luggage they can find. Featuring a streamlined design with simple packing features, the Salsa Air is for the traveler who doesn't need excess packing aids. If you like a free-form storage space that favors the most lightweight design, then the Salsa Air is for you.

Rimowa Salsa Luggage Review

Rimowa Salsa Line


  • Mixed packing options featuring one side with netting and the other with panel packing
  • Bigger wheels with increased stability in cases larger than carry-on
  • Matte color finish
  • Reinforced corners and hinge closures
  • Double pull handle


  • Three stage locking handle but won't customize to your specific height
  • No option to include other bags with the add-a-bag strap

    Price range: starting at $550

    Similar to Rimowa Salsa: TUMI V3

    Tumi V3

    • Lightest collection
    • Efficient packing with 3 zip pockets and compression straps
    • Offers both the handle and the wheels found within the premium collections, but at a lower price point

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    Price range: $525 - $625

    The Rimowa Salsa is an excellent combination of the Salsa Air and Salsa Deluxe lines. On the inside, you don’t have to choose between the free-form mesh pocket or the more structured panel compression packing; you can have both. If your travels are a mixture of business and play and you would like a separate compartment space to reflect that, this is the bag for you. A special matte finish makes this line even more unique.

    Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Luggage Review

    Rimowa Salsa Deluxe Line


    • Multi-stage handle can be customized to your height
    • Includes add-a-bag strap
    • Large wheels help increase stability in any bag bigger than carry-on size
    • Reinforced corners
    • Compression panel packing allows you to pack more
    • Comes in a hybrid configuration with pocketing for carry-ons


    • The extra features included on this bag make it slightly heavier than the Salsa Air

    Price range: starting at $625

    Similar to Rimowa Salsa Deluxe: TUMI Tegra Max Lite

    Tumi tegra-Lite

    • Durafold corner protection
    • Tie-down straps and hook garment section for formal clothes
    • Includes the same handle and wheels from the premium collections but at lower cost
    • Woven Tegris fabric offers more protection than the TUMI Vapor

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    Price Range: $595 - $995

    The Salsa Deluxe is for the feature-driven luggage buyer. If you are looking for a bag with a better packing structure that also allows you to fit more in your case, then the Salsa Deluxe will speak to you. The dual-compression panels are going to allow you to carry more. The panels are structured to perform like a garment sleeve, allowing your suits and fancier attire to stay wrinkle-free. The add-a-bag strap and two handle pull system both ensure you can easily stack bags and carry them across the airport.

    Rimowa Topas, Titanium, and Stealth Luggage Review

    Rimowa Topas Titanium and Stealth


    • Top and side carry handles offer a solid, attache style grip
    • Combines the features of the Salsa Deluxe but offers extra strength with the aluminum body
    • Hinge and clamp closure allows quick access
    • Reinforced corners
    • Shock absorbers on the wheels of larger cases


    • Heaviest by size
    • Highest price point

    Price range: $750 - $1,530

    The Topas, Titanium, and Stealth all share the same characteristics of a heavy-duty aluminum frame, but use different anodizing techniques to seal in their unique finishes. With easy access closures, special shock absorbing wheels, and all the base features of the Salsa Deluxe, this is the very pinnacle of the Rimowa line.

    *The Topas line also comes in hybrid carry-on models which have soft external pocketing for quick access to items like your passport, wallet, or electronics.

    Rimowa Limbo Luggage Review



    • Metal alloy hinge frame, closers and corners protecting a lighter polycarbonate shell.
    • Six layers of polycarbonate in the casing
    • Including add-a-bag strap
    • Reinforced hinge closures and corners
    • Side handle with attache style grip
    • Pack more with the compression panel packing feature


    • Higher price point than the Salsa Deluxe
    • Heavier than the Salsa Deluxe

    Price range: starting at $850

    Similar to Rimowa Limbo: TUMI Latitude

    Tumi Latitude

    • Supremely lightweight and durable thanks to the Self-Reinforced Poly-Propylene (SRPP Ballistic™) case shell
    • Four lightweight spinning wheels
    • Streamlined design for a sleek and professional edge

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    Price range: $645 - 795

    The Limbo is a great bag for those who would like a balance between a polycarbonate and an aluminum bag. Reinforced with metal alloy and an extra layer of polycarbonate, this is a bag built to endure. You’ll find all the same internal packing features as the Salsa Deluxe, including the easy access hinge opening on the aluminum bags. The Limbo is truly the best of both worlds.

    Rimowa Classic Flight Luggage Review

    Rimowa Classic Flight Line


    • Soft leather grip on handle
    • Vintage lining
    • Double pull handle
    • Reinforced corners


    • One side of the bag includes vintage tie-down straps that do not offer the same convenience as the panel packing on the other half of the bag.
    • Add-a-bag strap not included

    Price range: $770 - $920

    Similar to Rimowa Classic Flight: TUMI 19 Degree Aluminum

    Tumi 19

    • Premier aluminum luggage, better crafted than the Rimowa
    • Double reinforced wheels ensure easy maneuverability however large the case
    • Distinctive grooved finish available in two colors (black and silver)

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    Price range: $796 - 1,395

    Classic Flight is the Rimowa line with vintage appeal. Keeping in line with their signature silver trunk, accented vintage lining and plush leather handles, Rimowa is making a statement with the Classic Flight. An exterior aluminum shell ensures this collection remains contemporary while exhibiting plenty of vintage charm.

    Rimowa Size Guide

    An important consideration for anyone purchasing a new suitcase is the size. Within the Rimowa collections, you will find a range of different cases suitable for any type of journey. So, whether you are a regular traveler taking short business trips or you need to pack up the whole family for your annual vacation, Rimowa has sizes to suit your needs.

    At this point, you should identify your specific travel habits and consider the length of your trip. This way you'll be able to narrow down your search based on your baggage allowance - as dictated by the airline - and the capacity needed to carry your belongings. As a very general guide, you can consider the capacities listed below for your flights and match the size of your Rimowa case accordingly.

    • Domestic/Economy - Cabin IATA:20L/34L
    • Domestic/First Class - Cabin non-IATA: 45L
    • Intercontinental/Economy - Check in: 64L/82L/85L
    • Intercontinental/First Class - Check in: 82L/85L/89L/98L/100L

    Once you've decided on the capacity and the ways you most commonly travel, you can compare some examples of the cases in the respective collections using our Rimowa size chart.

    Cabin IATA Cabin non-IATA Check in Small Check in Large
    Salsa Air 21" Multiwheel IATA Carry-On New Cabin Multiwheel Carry-On 29" Multiwheel 32" Multiwheel
    Salsa 21" Multiwheel IATA Carry-On 22" Multiwheel Carry-On 29" Multiwheel 32" Multiwheel E-Tag
    Salsa Deluxe 21" Multiwheel IATA Carry-On 22" Multiwheel Carry-On 29" 3-Suiter Multiwheel 32" 3-Suiter Multiwheel
    Topas 21" Cabin Multiwheel Carry-On 26" Multiwheel Electronic Tag 28" Multiwheel Sports Trunk
    Titanium Cabin Multiwheel IATA 22" Multiwheel Carry-On 26" Multiwheel Topas 32" Multiwheel E-Tag
    Stealth 21" Cabin Multiwheel Carry-On 22" Multiwheel Electronic Tag 26" Multiwheel
    Limbo 22" Multiwheel Carry-On 29" Multiwheel Electronic 32" Multiwheel Electronic Tag
    Classic Flight 21" Multiwheel IATA Carry-On Cabin Multiwheel 29" Multiwheel

    Rimowa Polycarbonate vs. Aluminum

    The Rimowa collections employ a variety of materials in their manufacture to increase protection and ensure durability over many years. Additionally, the type of material used in any particular case or carry-on is directly linked to its aesthetic appeal and its maneuverability. Two of the most popular and durable materials used in the manufacture of Rimowa cases are polycarbonate and aluminum, both of which boast advantages and disadvantages. Here, we detail the pros and cons of Rimowa polycarbonate vs. aluminum to help you decide which material is best suited to your travel needs.

    Rimowa Polycarbonate vs. Aluminum Pros and Cons

    Rimowa Polycarbonate Pros

    Rimowa Polycarbonate Cons

    Extremely durable Looks good but is not considered a premium material
    Looks good even after many trips Not as characterful as materials such as aluminum
    Lightweight material that benefits maneuverability Not very flexible if you need to squeeze in more

    Rimowa Aluminium Pros

    Rimowa Aluminium Cons

    Distinctive look from a premium material Heavier than polycarbonate
    Excellent investment for travelers who need very durable luggage Will dent and pick up scratches but is basically indestructible
    Ages well and increases in character Repair can be expensive and sometimes impossible

    Is Rimowa Worth The Extra Cost?

    It's no secret that premium luggage usually carries a premium price tag, and the price of Rimowa cases can be a source of sticker-shock for some travelers. However, whatever kind of case you are looking for, from the most compact carry-on to the largest check-in trunk, when you purchase Rimowa you can always count on the very best materials, innovative and practical design, and an attention to detail that you will not find in cheaper, more generic cases. So, if you are asking yourself "is Rimowa worth it?"; remember that you are buying from a company with a long history of quality, durability, and reliability. Additionally, each Rimowa case comes with a 5-year limited warranty that protects you from a range of defects and manufacturing faults. In our opinion, Rimowa is worth the extra cost since it will last through many more trips than cheaper cases.

    How much is Rimowa Luggage?

    Rimowa luggage covers a broad price range, and the cost of any individual piece depends on the size of case and material used in manufacture. As a general rule, aluminum is more expensive than polycarbonate and, the more innovative features you require, the more the price rises. For example, the prices of Rimowa cases within the Kaehler collection start at just below $500 for a multiwheel carry-on and tops out at $1675 for a 32" multiwheel check-in case with electronic tags.

    Luggage Similar to Rimowa Cases

    Rimowa has a long and celebrated history in luggage manufacture, and today, it is considered a premium brand that regular travelers can trust. However, there are alternative brands to Rimowa if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for in their collections. Manufacturers who also offer bags like Rimowa include:


    While each Rimowa collection has similar features, you will probably find that one collection is better suited to your travel needs and preferences than the others. Be honest about what your highest priorities are and look at the functionality of a bag as much as its style. However, in truth, you can’t go far wrong with a Rimowa, and this buyer’s guide should help you find the perfect case for you.

    Rimowa Luggage has recently gone through some leadership changes and decided to pause the production for 6 months, as well as sales through resellers. We're very sorry to see such a high quality and reliable brand taking an uncertain path. Luckily we at Kaehler Luggage and all our customers can still rely on many other solid and high-quality brands and we want to share with you our suggestions for equally luxurious alternatives to Rimowa Luggage!
    Our guide remains available for our nostalgic readers and for the ones that already own a Rimowa product.