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Rimowa Buyer's Guide


Rimowa has made a name for itself based on iconic hard shell casing that comes in the lightest configurations in the industry. This is, without a doubt, one of Kaehler’s most buzzed about brands. Between the eight Rimowa collections Kaehler carries, it can be challenging to decide which has the right bag for you. To help you in your selection process, our buyer’s guide strips down each Rimowa line to the bare essentials and must-know facts to make your decision easier.

Salsa Air

rimowa-salsa-air Price: ($475-$550) Salsa Air   The Salsa Air will be a favorite for the buyer who is looking for the most lightweight luggage that they can find. A streamlined design with simple packing features, the Salsa Air is for the traveler who doesn't need excess packing aids. If you like a free-form storage space that favors the most lightweight design, go with the Salsa Air.


Cuj3EXLWYAAJGT5 Starting at $550 Salsa Stats  

The Rimowa Salsa is an excellent combination of the two Salsa Air and Salsa Deluxe lines. It is an exact mix in features. On the inside, you don’t have to choose between the free-form mesh pocket space or the more structured panel compression packing; you can have both. If your travels are a mixture of business and play and you would like separate compartment space to reflect that, this would be the bag for you. A special matte finish makes this line even more unique.

Salsa Deluxe

Salsa Deluxe Starting at $625 Salsa Deluxe Stats

The Salsa Deluxe is for the feature-driven luggage buyer. If you are looking for a bag with a bit more packing structure that will allow you to fit more in your case, the Salsa Deluxe will speak to you. The dual-compression panels are going to allow you to carry more. The panels are structured to perform like a garment sleeve, allowing your fine suits and fancier attire to stay wrinkle-free. The add-a-bag strap and two handle pull system ensures you can easily stack bags and carry them across the airport.

Topas, Titanium, and Stealth

C3DCwBoW8AAjkBY Price: ($750 - $1,530) Topas, Titanium, Stealth Stats  

The Topas, Titanium, and Stealth all share the same characteristics of a heavy-duty aluminum frame, but use different anodizing techniques to seal in their unique finishes. With easy access closures, special shock absorbing wheels, and all the base features of the Salsa Deluxe, this is your top-tier Rimowa line.

*The Topas line also comes in hybrid carry-on models which have soft external pocketing for quick access to items like your passport, wallet, or electronics.


C8gpH1DXYAAZSaQ Starting at $850 Limbo Stats  

The Limbo is a great bag for those who would like a meeting place between a polycarbonate and an aluminum bag. With features enforced by metal alloy, and an extra layer of polycarbonate this is a bag built to endure. You’ll find all the same internal packing features as the Salsa Deluxe, and the easy access hinge opening on the aluminum bags. The Limbo is the best of both worlds.

Classic Flight

Classic Flight Price: ($770-$920) Classic Flight

Classic Flight is the Rimowa line with vintage appeal. Keeping in line with their signature silver trunk, accented in vintage lining and plush leather handles, Rimowa is making a statement with the Classic Flight. An exterior aluminum shell keeps this line an up to date take on a piece infused with the past.

The Takeaway

While each Rimowa collection has similar features, you will ultimately find that one collection is geared more towards your travel needs and preferences. Be honest about what your highest priorities are and look at your bags functionality as much as style. You can’t go wrong with a Rimowa, and with this buyer’s guide you will be especially prepared to pick a winner.