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Brand Warranty Guide

One of the more challenging aspects to navigate in a luggage purchase is the concern of brand warranty. Every brand or even every collection within a brand may have a different warranty. It is important to know warranty guidelines in case your bag requires repair assistance. With this in mind, here is a brand breakdown for each luggage warranty, and what repairs you can expect them to cover for you.


“Limited”- This means the warranty is limited to the bag’s functionality, and not inclusive of surface cosmetic issues.

“Global” -  You are able to get your luggage repaired anywhere in the world in the case of a luggage repair needed in a separate locality from its purchase.

“Lifetime” - If your bag has been worn to the point where parts will not make a difference in its ability to function, your bag no longer falls under warranty. This is often a confusing one as it is referring to the life of the bag and it’s ability to perform, rather than a traveler’s use of the bag for the rest of their lifetime.


Simple As That Warranty

While a brand might cover years in your luggage’s lifespan, it’s important to know just what that coverage includes. In the case of Briggs & Riley, the brand offers you a warranty for the bag’s entire lifetime in repairs for full functionality. Briggs and Riley separates performance issues from cosmetic issues, and says they will only cover repairs on issues that hinder a bag’s ability to perform. Here, Briggs and Riley gives you photos and examples of the difference between cosmetic and performance issues that would qualify for their repairs warranty.


Global 5 Year Warranty

Tumi’s five year warranty can be broken down into two separate time frames with their coverage.

1st Year Coverage: The first year’s coverage is called the “worry-free” year. During this time Tumi will cover defects, damages, and wear and tear done to the bag, and if the bag is damaged beyond repair will replace it. The only stipulations are cosmetic abuse of the bag.

2nd through 5th Year: This period of the warranty on your Tumi luggage extends to cover normal manufacturing defects and regular wear and tear. However airline and transit damage will not be covered during this time in the warranty.


Global 5 Year Warranty

Rimowa as a German brand has taken on the European warranty model. If your bag experiences any defects or sustains damages affecting functionality, Rimowa will repair the bag for five years after purchase. Also, Rimowa’s bags happen to have user-replaceable wheels that a traveler can easily change out while on a trip. *See our below self-replacable parts section.


Collection-Specific Warranty

Victorinox’s warranty will vary between their collections. You won’t experience the same warranty between a lighter weight nylon fabric and a ballistic nylon as there are different levels of durability to accommodate specific customer needs. With this in mind, all of Victorinox’s bags are covered under different warranties that have stipulations specific to that luggage collection and its more probable repair needs. Here is the breakdown for each collection's warranty:

Lexicon - Global Lifetime Plus Limited Warranty
Werks Traveler 5.0 - Carry with Confidence Guarantee
Architecture 3.0 - Carry with Confidence Guarantee
Spectra 2.0 - Global 10 Year Limited Warranty
Altmont 3.0 - Global 10 Year Limited Warranty

Victorinox explains these collection warranties here. 


5 Year Limited Warranty

Bric’s warranty will cover the functionality of your bag for a full five years. This warranty includes wear and tear, functional issues, and replacing or fixing defective parts. This last part is important as Bric's is an Italian manufactured company, which means parts will, in some cases, need to be provided by the brand's manufacturers. Authorized repair centers such as Kaehler's have no trouble placing orders for these repair parts.


Tumi Alpha zipper pulls are user replaceable. Simply ask for zipper shipment and it will snap into the zipper holder. Additionally, Rimowa, Briggs and Riley, and select Victorinox wheels are simple one screw wheels that you can easy remove and replace with a traditional screw driver. Not to mention, a few of the brands listed (Tumi, Rimowa, and Victorinox) are global warranty brands that can send you part replacements anywhere in the world. Replacing a broken wheel can be as easy as accepting a parcel at a hotel. And yes, these brands can do that.

Altogether, the brands we carry stand behind the products they provide, and will always seek to provide the best in customer service after purchase. Kaehler’s certified repair center will accept all the above brands. All luggage bought through Kaehler maintains their brand’s repair warranties.