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Chicago Premium Brands Luggage Repair

Even the most durable luggage can get damaged, or after many trips have parts wear out. Here at Kaehler Luggage and we always service the brands we carry.

Kaehler Luggage was established in 1920 out of a locksmithing business and is one of few fully authorized repair facilities for all of the premium brands in the travel industry.

Below are policies and procedures for luggage repair and some frequently asked questions


How does a repair get to us?
Our repair center is not a walk-in location. Instead, visit any of the five Kaehler Luggage stores with your bag. A friendly sales associate will answer any questions that they are able to, and take your bag in for repair. There is a $25 shipping and handling charge that covers all costs in getting your bag to our repair facility and then back to your return address once the repair is completed.


What do luggage repairs cost?
On top of the shipping and handling, the cost of repair depends on the scope of work and cost of parts. Our goal is to cover most, or all of the cost of repair work under manufacturer warranty. When your bag is out of warranty, you will be contacted via email from repairs@worldtraveler.comwith an estimate for the work. 

Here are some very general ranges of cost for common work.

Carry handle replacement $30 – $50.
Retractable handle system replacement $65-$100.
Zipper pull replacement/repair $25-$35.
Corner binding reinforcement $25 – $35.
Stitching and/or patches $25 – $45.
Leather refurbishment $85 - $120 depending on size.
Wheel replacement $40-$50 a pair.
Zipper replacement $3 per inch of zipper.

Is there a charge for an estimate?

No, but you will still have to pay the shipping and handling charge. We cannot give estimates without having the bag in our hands.


How long do luggage repairs take?
4-6 weeks on average. Special requests may be accommodated when possible at an extra cost. Please email for more information.


Will my bag be like new?
Probably not, but it will be functional again, and if cleaned or refurbished will certainly look better.


Does Kaehler Luggage provide luggage repair services on all brands?
Our repair staff are highly skilled professionals who can work on almost anything. However, our agreement with some of our brands is to send luggage to their own facilities for repair. In these cases, we will receive your bags and send them to the brand's own repair shop for you. 

Kaehler Luggage is authorized to repair the following brands: Rimowa, Tumi, Briggs & Riley, Hartmann, Victorinox Swiss Army, Bric's, and Knomo.

Contact our repairs department at : 847-386-6730 Ext. 32
Mon-Fri: 6:30am - 2:00pm