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Wheeled Luggage

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  • Eagle Creek - Load Warrior International Carry-On

  • Eagle Creek - Expanse - AWD 30" Packing Case

  • Eagle Creek - Gear Warrior 32in Wheeled Duffel

  • Eagle Creek - Expanse - AWD 26" Packing Case

  • Eagle Creek - Load Warrior - 26in Wheeled Duffel


5 Item(s)

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Wheeled luggage has many benefits over a shoulder bag. Whether it’s a wheeled bag for work purposes or your wheeled carry on or check bag, having wheels can greatly reduce the strain on your back and neck. Opposed to a duffle bag or briefcase, wheeled bags are less of a burden and more of a companion. They allow you to pack more and worry less about weight and strain. There are many options in wheeled luggage with varieties in material, wheels, size and more. .

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