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Lightweight Luggage and Suitcases

Lightweight luggage happens to be one of the most sought after criteria in the travel industry. Challenging as it is to accomplish, Kaehler has found brands who have managed to attain the most lightweight, streamlined designs while still maintaining their durability.

Whether it be hardsided luggage from brands like Tumi or Rimowa, or no-nonsense nylon designs from the industry heavy-weight Lipault, you can find the best in lightweight luggage in our collections. Lightweight designs are made possible through smart material choices and technology. You will see that achieving a light weight in luggage falls into different classes for our buyers. Bric's makes a fabulously lightweight suitcase that is very durable for its material class of nylon. They have followed this up by embracing unstructured material in their design technology and using it to their benefit. Foldable designs allow for easy storage and are just one of the benefits of this light framed bag. Moving into a different material, Tumi shines for having crafted a patented ballistic nylon material that goes tic for tac in terms of durability and lightness. Finally, hardsided designs like the Rimowa Salsa Air and the Tumi Tegra-Lite stand out for offering beautifully crafted hard-side casing in the most lightweight designs. How can something be so durable yet so light? These materials are so ingenious they eliminate the need for weighty framing to offer their luggage protection.

A lightweight suitcase is an incredible benefit when traveling through the terminals. It can allow you to use that extra pound or two you’ve gained back in weight towards your packing, which becomes invaluable with today’s checked luggage fees. Enjoy the freedom that a featherlight material can offer your travel style by browsing Kaehler’s collection of quality lightweight luggage today.

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  • TUMI - V3 - International Expandable Carry-On

    Regular Price: $675.00

    Now only: $540.00

  • TUMI - V3 - Expandable Continental Carry-On

    Regular Price: $695.00

    Now only: $556.00

  • TUMI - V3 - Short Trip Expandable Packing Case

    Regular Price: $725.00

    Now only: $580.00

  • TUMI - V3 - Extended Trip Expandable Packing Case

    Regular Price: $795.00

    Now only: $636.00

  • Bric's - Bellagio - 21" Spinner Trunk

  • Bric's - Bellagio - 30" Spinner Trunk

  • TUMI - V3 - 4 Wheel Carry-On Briefcase

    Regular Price: $525.00

    Now only: $420.00

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