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  • Bric's - X-Bag - Carry-On Spinner

  • Bric's - X-Bag - Boarding Duffel w/ Pockets

    $89.90 - $125.00

  • Holly & Tanager - Professional Backpack Purse

  • Holly & Tanager - Companion Mini Crossbody Clutch

  • Holly & Tanager - Companion Crossbody Clutch


5 Item(s)

per page

Luggage is our bread and butter at Kaehler, so we know everything about it. We've been selling it for a hundred years, after all. We've curated our selection to meet the needs of our customers, frequent travelers who take trips across the whole globe. In this section, browse our huge collection of hardside and softside wheeled luggage, duffles, and garment bags. Use the sidebar to navigate by category, or visit our brand pages to see what's on offer from your favorite luggage manufacturer.

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