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Collection: TUMI Wallets

TUMI wallets stand apart not only for the diversity of their selection but the innovative materials and storage methods they have employed to keep all your personal items secure and organized. Please visit our TUMI buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

TUMI’s wallets have become a beacon for the traveler who has grown accustomed to TUMI’s performance and quality, and now wishes to expand that into their everyday accessories. Whether you are in need of a new travel wallet to hold your passport, or a simple card sleeve to throw a card or two in for a night out, TUMI will have the right fit for you. Throughout TUMI’s men’s and women’s wallets you will find a consistency in material selection. These wallets will be made with either TUMI’s soft leather, or their patented ballistic nylon- the same fabrication used on all their ballistic nylon luggage. If you want a wallet that can hold up to just as much pummeling as a piece of TUMI luggage on the tarmac, a TUMI wallet in ballistic nylon will serve you well.

If you prefer, try TUMI’s all-leather designs and shape your wallet over time to your carry preferences with every fold of the pocket you store it in. Within this collection, you can find uniquely crafted wallets with organizational spaces like center-flip options holding an extra card case worth of space, “L” shaped wallets that expand to hold extra cards but manage to keep a slim design or gusseted wallets with room to hold an entire stack of your business cards. No matter your preferences, you will find that TUMI wallets have diversified to hit every lifestyle requirement you may have.

A TUMI wallet is unlike other accessories in that it comes from a brand who has learned the value of longevity. No material lasts quite as long, and no features go quite so far in satisfying the needs of a traveler. TUMI wallets are yet another testament to this brand, which can always be counted on to performs at the height of excellence.

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