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Collection: TUMI Larkin

TUMIi Larkin has been a central line in establishing TUMI as the standout women’s travel brand it is today. Please visit our TUMI buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

TUMI’s Larkin line has released a slew of women’s handbags and briefs inspiring women all over to new levels of sophistication in business travel. The Larkin has always been a standout collection for women’s business bags, but with the addition of modern storage solutions in classic configurations, you’ll never be more ready for the switch to one of their work bags.

The TUMI Larkin bag embodies sophistication with classic tumbled leather, compartments for all your needs, and accent exterior pocketing perfect for the small items you need to access at a moments notice. You’ll never feel more prepared for the life of business travel than with one of these stellar designs alongside you, made by one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

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