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Collection: TUMI Alpha Bravo Bags & Backpacks

TUMI Alpha Bravo is Tumi's collection of men's bags featuring military-inspired design, utility features and ballistic nylon materials that made TUMI's name in the travel business. Alpha Bravo bags are perfect for casual travel and the workplace. Please visit our TUMI buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

When it comes to TUMI collections this one swings a bit off the beaten path. The TUMI Alpha Bravo can’t help but stand out. Its unique styling combined with a tech-friendly interior makes the TUMI Alpha Bravo a line that you dream about. Whether it's a forward-thinking brief, a young and smart backpack, or a messenger, this line has you more than covered.

The ballistic nylon material is a softer feel than that of their Alpha 2 line but has just as much durability. On the messengers and totes, it comes in a lighter polyester fabric than the backpacks and feels like a continuation of your nicest suit. If you’re looking for the classic design and durability of a TUMI bag, but in a young and fresh look, this is the right collection for you.

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