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Collection: TUMI Alpha 2 Travel Bags

TUMI Alpha 2 is a line that is a testament to TUMI's achievements in groundbreaking luggage. This collection is bursting with newly designed luggage styles that carry the latest in TUMI's unparalleled bag features. Please visit our TUMI buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

Briefcases, two and four-wheel luggage designs, expandable luggage pieces, and garment bags are just a few of the different designs you will find among this line's diverse luggage offerings. Make no mistake that when you are choosing this line you are choosing TUMI’s core collection and the standard by which all their other collections must measure themselves. Since the 80’s Tumi’s ballistic nylon has set this brand apart. The TUMI Alpha 2 only further proves their success, managing to make a nearly indestructible bag that sets the standards for sophistication and durability. Kaehler could sing this line’s praises continually, but we’ll try and keep it short.

TUMI luggage has equipped the entire line with outstanding technology. The framing of this bag has been so ingeniously designed that there is no difference between the Alpha 2 collection’s weight and that of Tumi’s Alpha Lightweight collection, which was their lightest bag to date. You also get the same tough-as-nails durability that comes from their patented ballistic nylon material. While others may try, TUMI’s ballistic nylon is a grade all unto itself. TUMI was the first to apply this material to luggage design. It’s so durable that it has been previously used for everything from car racing to soldiers’ flack jackets. Fine materials aren't all that sets this line apart. You will also find convenient features like lever lock expansion, four-wheel design, and a lower center of gravity that prevents luggage tipping when you stack your bags.

The TUMI Alpha 2 is a testament to TUMI’s ability to create timeless luggage with thoughtful features and unparalleled science in design. Travel in style with TUMI’s most famous collection. It will be the perfect addition to any travels you have ahead of you.

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