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Collection: TUMI 19 Degree Luggage

TUMI 19 Degree emphasizes strength and durability. This collection features a heavy-duty polycarbonate that is made from materials found in race cars. These materials make the 19 Degree capable of withstanding the intense force and extreme temperatures so that your luggage can make it through the roughest travel conditions unscathed. Please visit our TUMI buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

The 19 Degree’s polycarbonate exterior is ideal for the traveler looking for a lightweight bag that will be long lasting on the road. The TUMI 19 Degree polycarbonate blend uses materials that have previously been featured in the field of automotive. Extra strength double reinforced wheels will optimize mobility, and a 3-stop pull handle will allow you to customize your bag to your preferred height. Inside, you’ll find easy-to-use net pocket storage that includes added features on the larger checked pieces like a garment sleeve.

TUMI 19 Degree polycarbonate bags will come in a series of of sizes ranging from international carry on bags to extended trip packing cases. TUMI is thoughtful with this collection’s design, using complimentary colors allow you to match your 19 Degree with other color coordinated collections like TUMI Larkin and TUMI Voyageur.

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