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Luggage & Travel Store Chicago

Kaehler has been the premier Chicago luggage retailer with more store locations than any other seller in the Chicago area. Our 900 North Michigan location is one of our longest standing locations in the city with over a decade’s experience in the world of Chicago luggage. We are happy to say that our outstanding customer service has allowed members of our team to be recognized by many of our luggage providers for their excellence in service, as well as luggage knowledge.

Our 900 North Michigan location is located on Chicago’s most famous stretch of shopping, Michigan Avenue. Michigan Avenue is home to Chicago’s most luxurious shopping district, and you can find Kaehler’s 900 North Michigan location in the heart of this stretch of quality retail experience. Our 900 North Michigan store is also conveniently located near parking and plenty of fine dining and entertainment.

The 900 North Michigan shop offers a large selection of luggage from a diverse offering of premium brands that Kaehler has hand selected for their durability, style, and function. We have a strict eye for quality luggage, and it shows in our store’s products. At this location you will find a number of luggage pieces, both carry-on and checked, along with a selection of briefcases, travel bags, and travel accessories to complete all your travel needs. Browse these diverse categories for a fully rounded shopping experience geared toward any and all types of travel.

Throughout our 95 plus years in Chicago luggage retail Kaehler has made sure that our stores reflect our love for travel. We offer our customers only the best that travel has to offer. You will find our 900 Michigan location to be a testament to this. Enjoy only the finest at Kaehler Luggage’s 900 North Michigan store.

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