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  • Travelon - Anti-Theft Tailored Clutch Crossbody

  • Travelon - Anti-Theft Tailored N/S Slim Bag

  • Travelon - Anti-Theft Tailored Tote

  • Travelon - Double Zip Waist Pack

  • Travelon - Anti-Theft E/W Tablet Messenger

  • Travelon - Anti-Theft Urban Backpack

  • Travelon - Anti-Theft Tailored Backpack


7 Item(s)

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Briefcases have evolved to become your go-to bag for laptops and electronics, but have maintained their classic shape and remain a symbol of business. Kaehler carries a large selection of briefcases for men and women, which range from functional laptop briefs and messengers to fine leather bags that make great gifts.

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