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TUMI V3 Luggage

TUMI Luggage, Suitcases & Travel Bags

TUMI V3 has created a new lightweight luggage standard for the world of travel. It’s super streamlined polycarbonate still manages to use multiple layers of protection while keeping your bag feather light. Please visit our Tumi buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

The ultralight weight of this collection is not its only standout feature. The V3 also comes with expandable luggage designs that offer a full width-wise extension of 2” on the bag. Unzip the expansion panel and accordion out the sides to fit a couple more outfits in your bags storage. As a 4 wheel spinner luggage collection, the V3 also offers superb mobility for maneuvering airport runways or city streets. A multi-stop pull handle will give you next to no weight in hand, as you can glide this bag alongside you at your preferred height through the airport. Take advantage of Kaehler’s complimentary monogramming to display your initials on the TUMI V3’s leather monogram patch.

In terms of aesthetics, the TUMI V3 goes for a streamlined design that does away with any unnecessary bulk. TUMI has given this case a flattering sheen with its chosen polycarbonate blend and offers multiple color options that match the rest of the TUMI line. The TUMI V3 comes in a range of sizes to meet all your travel needs, starting with a wheeled business tote and culminating in an extended trip packing case that you can use on your next multi-stop excursion. Streamlined, sleek, and enduringly strong, the V3 will be perfect for your travels.

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  • TUMI - V3 - International Expandable Carry-On

  • TUMI - V3 - Expandable Continental Carry-On

  • TUMI - V3 - Short Trip Expandable Packing Case

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  • TUMI - V3 - 4 Wheel Carry-On Briefcase

  • TUMI - V3 - Extended Trip Expandable Packing Case

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