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TUMI Luggage, Suitcases & Travel Bags

TUMI has been on the forefront of design innovation and quality in the luggage industry since 1975. As a brand that has provided Kaehler with a premium collection of luggage, cases, and accessories for over 36 years, we are proud to carry an extensive collection of TUMI products. TUMI travel bags are some of the most trusted in the industry. Please visit our Tumi buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

Their collections span a number of materials including leather, polycarbonate, and nylon bags. What makes them stands out as one of Kaehler’s most trusted brands is the consistency in quality and design. Some of Kaehler’s most discerning customers rely on TUMI to provide them with the most efficient bags made from the highest quality of materials. If you want to know what lies at the heart of TUMI’s collection, it is the breadth and diversity of selection that still manages to stay true to a timeless aesthetic and design. Classic four-wheel designs, tell-tale silhouette, and internal packing components are what make TUMI suitcases such a longstanding favorite among our customers. What allows TUMI to keep lifelong customers is the fact that they are tireless in improving design features. No bag has to go through quite as much testing as a TUMI Luggage piece, and it shows.

TUMI suitcases have features like TSA approved locking, expandable designs, foldable luggage, and detachable garment bags. These are just some of the design features present in each TUMI travel bag. This just goes to prove what Kaehler loves about TUMI: although the brand is established, TUMI never stops thinking about how they can make a bag better. Even when revolutionizing ballistic nylon as a fabric choice, they didn't rest on this. Recently, attention has gone into creating the Tegra-Lite, a new standard for hard side luggage with six layers of woven polypropylene. It’s choices like these that allow everyone from the savviest of business travelers to the casual vacationer to appreciate this brand’s sense of style.

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  • TUMI - Arrive Grantley Backpack

    Regular Price: $645.00

    Now only: $516.00

  • TUMI - Arrive Hamilton Slim Brief

    Regular Price: $675.00

    Now only: $540.00

  • TUMI - Arrive Owen Crossbody

    $276.00 - $328.90

  • TUMI - Arrive Sawyer Brief

    Regular Price: $745.00

    Now only: $595.00

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