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Rimowa Topas Titanium Luggage

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Rimowa Titanium is a collection that Kaehler can safely say is one of Rimowa’s most outstanding collections to date. The exterior of Rimowa Titanium is a story unto itself. Please visit our Rimowa buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

To create the flawless beauty of this design was no accident. You take Rimowa’s raw aluminum designs and expose an extreme heating process to the final layer of exterior aluminum to reach its titanium strength. This process gives the Rimowa Titanium its signature sheen and hardened exterior. It promises long-term durability of material along with a rich golden flecked finish. With a bag like this, you can finally rest easy knowing that whatever your trip, you are promised a quality bag by your side that looks and acts every bit the hardened hero. The Titanium gives you a host of small touches special to the Rimowa Titanium.

Unlike other Rimowa collections, the Titanium includes a garment bag in their luggage sized over 26”. Also, the shoe bag is a surprisingly helpful tool that keeps your Titanium’s sleek black interior dust and dirt-free from your travel weary shoes. The Titanium comes in a number of different sizes from the compact powerhouse of the Rimowa Titanium Business Trolley to the spacious packer’s paradise of the Rimowa Titanium 32” Multiwheel. Kaehler sees the Titanium as being a special series that can cater to the most individualized packing needs. If you are carrying work equipment, sensitive cargo, or even highly value personal possessions, this collection will be the bag to entrust with your things.

The Rimowa Titanium is the amendment to the phrase “there is a time and place for everything” as this luggage is guaranteed to always serve you well. There is no doubt this is a collection for the savviest of travelers who no longer have time for constant luggage replacement. Instead, the Titanium’s rock-like exterior promises to shine throughout even the most intense travel conditions.