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Rimowa Salsa Multi-wheel & Carry-On Luggage

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Rimowa Salsa was the first polycarbonate luggage to ever be introduced to the world of travel. Since its impact-resistant hard shell exterior was introduced in the 2000’s, the Salsa has become transformational for any traveler who dives into this collection. The Salsa’s beautiful matte exterior is designed to handle every scratch and bump life brings your way, and never allow it to mar the Salsa's impenetrable exterior. Rimowa Salsa is a dream come true for the traveler who is looking to venture from a soft fabric exterior into the new world of polycarbonate luggage. Please visit our Rimowa buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

Rimowa Salsa is perhaps best known throughout all of Rimowa’s collections for its combination internal packing system. You will find that this collection has coupled the functional tie-down packing system of the Salsa Deluxe with the free-form mesh pocketing that is offered by the Salsa Air. It’s the bag that doesn’t make you choose a side between freestyle packing or structured organization, knowing that sometimes we just need both. Shoes, accessories, and other small miscellaneous items can easily be thrown in the Rimowa Salsa’s netted zip pocketing. The other half of your Salsa offers a patented flex divider to satisfy your need for a more precise packing method, designed specifically for your clothing storage in mind. It allows you to squeeze more folded clothing into your bag, which gives you the added bonus of fitting an extra few layers and options.

The Salsa anticipates your needs at every corner, and by that we mean every corner. With recessed luggage corners for more mobility and protection for your wheels, you’ll avoid the dangers of exposed wheels that need continuous replacement. Also, every piece in the Salsa collection comes with an extra layer of polycarbonate protection for the corners of the bag. The Salsa comes in a number of designs. Whether you need a the Salsa Sports Trunk for your specialized adventure gear, or your needs require the Salsa 21” Multiwheel Carry-On that will easily fit those pesky international storage bin sizes, the Salsa promises to deliver. See how much life changes when you have a travel bag this appealing to spur you on to your next trip.