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Rimowa Carry On

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Rimowa knows that a strong, lightweight carry-on is the best friend of world travelers. As the originator of the polycarbonate hardshell travel case, Rimowa brings plenty of durability to the world of travel with their lightweight collection of carry-ons. Please visit our Rimowa buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

Rimowa features both ultralight polycarbonate and extra strength aluminum collections which offer unbeatable protection on the road. Frequent travelers appreciate the Rimowa carry-on for its high-tech design so that your travels won’t come to a halt over the quality of your bag. All Rimowa carry-ons feature multi-stop handles as well as 360-degree roller wheels. The shell of the Rimowa is what makes it such a prize. The polycarbonate is so lightweight, it allows your carry-on to clock in at almost half the weight of most nylon bags in its class.

Stylish carry-on luggage is a must for travelers since your carry-on baggage will always stay by your side during transit. Luckily, Rimowa has outfitted their carry-on with a gorgeous hard-side exterior. The polycarbonate comes in a rainbow array of colors making possible for your hard-sided to come in your favorite hue. Also, when it comes time to pack the essentials, the Rimowa carry-on features compression panel packing which will allow you zero wasted space. Combine that with the exterior of this bag and you have a carry-on that is the best in its class. Enjoy how far the design has come with the arrival of the Rimowa carry-on.