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Rimowa luggage, a longstanding brand with an unmatched perspective in luggage, has brought its leading reputation in polycarbonate luggage design from Europe to North America. Please visit our Rimowa buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

Made in Germany, this collection has constructed many signatures, lightweight luggage lines that pay strict attention to both form and function. This brand has been an industry leader since 1937 when it developed the first aluminum luggage, inspired by jet planes and straying from the usual wooden trunks. Rimowa’s rich history has culminated into a brand that lives for the traveler’s comfort. Users can attest to the fact that each piece in this collection is designed with your luggage’s safety and security in mind. Every piece is designed to keep your clothing neat, safe, clean, and dry, while still maintaining transportation ease with their light as air designs. Lines like Rimowa’s Salsa Deluxe and Topas feature patented flex dividers that help optimize packing space, and keep your clothing and personal items safely packed in the suitcase interior. ABUS TSA combination locks are another feature that you will find on every bag in this line to ensure the utmost in travel security. On top of this, they have also entered the territory of infusing color into hard-sided luggage, injecting rich color patterns into their trunk luggage designs.

Rimowa is a brand that thrives on the combination of simplicity and luxury. The modernity of their collection is always striking but manages to sidestep unnecessary change. Throughout the years, Kaehler can attest to their continual improvement without sacrificing what has made the brand successful: its patented lightweight aluminum and polycarbonate exterior that offers the most streamlined handling. Featuring a number of wheeled business cases, international-sized travel luggage, and large travel luggage, this collection covers all your luggage sizing needs. When it comes to a design that is transportable and still maintains a beautiful exterior all its own, Rimowa is unparalleled. It is truly a company that has revolutionized the industry in defining the standards for a lightweight polycarbonate bag.