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Knirps Travel & Folding Umbrellas

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Knirps travel umbrellas offer an unrivaled class of protection against the elements at the cutting edge of design and style. Founded in 1928 in Germany, Knirps has years of experience in umbrella design, winning its claim to fame for creating the folding umbrella- a staple for the traveler who needs to pack smart. Today, they continue to stay on the forefront of design with a collection that ranges from large canopy umbrellas to conveniently small foldable styles. Knirps works to provides economically sustainable methods for manufacturing all their products, which only further proves their continuous efforts in providing the best quality product. To top it off, Knirps brings you an array of fine colors and patterns, so you’re promised a fashionable solution to rainy day travel. Never leave home unprotected again.

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  • X1 Compact Umbrella

  • Floyd Duomatic

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  • Knirps - Essential Pocket Blade Umbrella

  • Knirps - T200 Duomatic


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Knirps umbrellas are conceived, designed and engineered in Germany, and that on its own is a guarantee of quality, safety and innovation. With in-house engineering, research and design facilities, they are always looking to make their excellent products even better. 

Knirps umbrellas are different because they are designed and made differently. Built to be used in the wettest of weathers, they can and do last a very long time. Materials are high quality so that they work better. Attention to detail and quality control is part of the way the firm conducts business, and it shows. To be sure of this, products are put through rigorous testing in wind tunnels and anti-corrosion laboratory.All Knirps umbrellas are highly engineered to minimize the risk of damage in winds. We achieve this by designing our umbrella frames with additional flexibility and this in turn reduces the stress on the ribs.