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Briggs & Riley Luggage & Suitcases

Briggs & Riley is a brand that has been a long-standing partner of Kaehler Luggage. This revolutionary company has taken some big steps to separate themselves from the rest. We have them to thank for the ease of modern airport travel as they were the first brand to release wheeled luggage in 1972. Today, this line is known for innovative, sophisticated, and timeless bags with a “Simple as That” guarantee, which ensures that their bags will be covered for the duration of their life. Please visit our Briggs & Riley buyers' guide if you are interested in learning more about their luggage collection.

Kaehler Luggage is proud to carry a diverse selection of this line's bags, featuring uprights, spinners, duffel bags, and briefs along with much more.

If you want a classic look, innovative style, and a bag whose features all serve a purpose, Briggs & Riley luggage is the collection for you. Known for their fantastic business and travel bags, this brand designs luggage for long-lasting use. Briggs & Riley luggage is built to be your go-to travel bags. When you look at one of their bags you can be sure that every feature has a purpose that you immediately know just by looking at it. Adjustable handles, two and four-wheel bag designs, internal garment bags, and their newest design feature, an expandable frame that allows you to pack your bag to its fullest and compress it to still fit the carry-on size, have you well-equipped for frequent travels. Exterior handlebars that avoid the annoyance of having internal bars to pack against. Instead, the smooth, flat-backed packing space allows for a central storage that offers the most accessible and easy to use packing space.

Durability is ultimately what stands to be this brand's definitive design trait. Briggs & Riley has a longstanding reputation for high-quality customer care. Their limited lifetime warranty is one of the best standing warranties in the business and allows customers the freedom to use their luggage with the reassurance that any defects in the bags life will be covered. It is truly a brand of superior quality and stamina.

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