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Brands that Kaehler has chosen to partner with have been selected for two reasons: the unique viewpoint they have in luggage, and the consistency with which they can continually deliver in bag designs.

When you are searching for a piece of luggage it can be overwhelming, but browsing our selection by brand allows you to make a choice through definitive brand identities that are known for their enduring quality. Each brand that Kaehler carries brings something different to the table. Everything from business bags to the outdoor travel gear necessary to summit a mountain you can find among our brands.

Browsing our collections ensures that you can fall in love with a brand that offers you a well-rounded travel experience, rather than shopping for individual pieces that will leave you wanting more. Kaehler provides a superb travel selection that we have organized by brands who have the ability to forge a new identity in the face of luggage today. Our brands' breadth of design is an impressive sight to see. Kaehler carries innovative bag makers like Pacsafe and Knomo, lifestyle bags by Baggallini and Boconi , and fine leather wallet designs by Bellroy. There are many reasons to take note of these brands, but their identities as leaders in craft, design, and overall function are what carry throughout each collection.

When shopping with Kaehler you get the benefit of having our 90+ years of experience in quality luggage retail. We can truly say that we only carry the best in travel luggage and that any choice within our vast brand selection is a quality choice.

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  • Lipault - Izak Zenou - Luggage Tag


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  • Lipault - Izak Zenou - Cosmetic Pouch

  • Lipault - Izak Zenou - Weekend Bag M

  • Lipault - Izak Zenou - Carry-on Spinner

  • Lipault - Izak Zenou - Tote Bag M


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