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The Future of Flight: Electronic Tags by Rimowa

This is the future! You pull up to the airport, take your luggage to the check-in counter, and... that's it! Your luggage already knows where it's going: just hand it over to your airline's skycap and off you go!

Ever the innovator, Rimowa is the first company to make this vision a reality. Thanks to advances in technology and the power of smartphones, Rimowa has introduced an update to their brand that redefines the way we fly with luggage: integrated electronic luggage tags. These tags officially became available in 2016 at all our retail locations and continue to be one of our best selling items today.

*Post Updated 2018*

Streamlined Check-In

For a long time, even the world's most beautiful luggage has needed an airline to affix a temporary baggage tag to make sure it follows you to your destination. It's a practical part of traveling, but we know it's not the most attractive one.

Electronic tags do away with all that. First and foremost: no more waiting at the curb. Check in your luggage at home or from the hotel room using your iPhone. By using the Rimowa app, you can pair a mobile device with your Rimowa bags and transmit your flight information and barcodes from your airline's app to a screen integrated into the frame of your luggage. That saves both you and your airline time and energy when checking in a bag, and spares you from cutting off a tag after every trip.


How long does the power supply to the screen last? Virtually forever. The electronic tag runs on ordinary AAA batteries and only uses power when you're actually updating the display from your phone. Once your flight info has been uploaded, the details are permanently displayed until you change them again, even if the batteries are removed. You won't have to worry about the bag losing your information, and the power supply will last for hundreds of trips.

Forward-Looking Features, Same Great Design

Rimowa has done a fantastic job integrating the electronic tag into their current bag collections. The electronic tag fits as easily into the design of Rimowa's collections as though it has always been there, and does little to affect packing space on the interior.

Ready to upgrade? Rimowa bags with the electronic tag installed are only slightly more expensive than the standard design.


Free Software Upgrades

A good piece of luggage is a long-term investment, but electronic devices change all the time. Software updates to the Rimowa app will incrementally improve the existing capabilities of the tag - no need to replace it every few years like a phone. We can't wait to see what cool tricks Rimowa will teach their luggage next!

Personalize Your Rimowa

In the future, you'll be able to personalize the electronic tag with a photo in addition to your lost & found contact information.

Available in our stores

Kaehler carries Rimowa Electronic Tag luggage in the Topas and Limbo collections.

Rimowa Electronic tags currently work on Lufthansa, Eva Air, and Swissair but are being tested by United Airlines, and will soon be available with the airline and several more major airlines soon to follow. The Rimowa app is currently available on iTunes and is coming soon for Android devices on Google Play.


You can learn more about Rimowa's Electronic Tags on their landing page here.

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